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In Mabinogi, you'll come across items that are wanted by other people, via Rare Drops or RNG chances. What you'll want to do with that stuff is selling it. The easiest way is to sell it is in a personal shop.

If you didn't already know, Channel #1 is the most common place on most servers to sell items via the personal shop, and that is most likely where you're best to find a buyer. Be smart about where you put up your shop, as in some places you will be limited to how much you can sell.

Personal Shop Brownies will guard your shop for you so you can continue playing Mabinogi! Alternatively, you could stay at your shop and go AFK/let things sell, or make your pet guard the shop. (Note: Allowing pets to watch over your shop will not drain their summon time!)

You can buy own shop bags from general stores, or receive special ones from events, gachapons, through NX, or from other players. This is NEEDED to be able to start your shop.

Merchant licenses are licenses that vary throughout towns, which can be bought from the town bank, and are used to set up a personal shop and sell items. Keep in mind that depending on the town, it has a limit on how much you can sell at once, meaning, you can only sell items up to X price.
-The best place to sell items at is Belfast, allowing you to sell up to a value of 20 million gold.!
-The 2nd best place to sell items at is Dunbarton, since it has a decent sell up the value of 2.25 million gold, and most people hang out at Dunbarton, making it an excellent place to sell goods at!
-The worst situation is Tir Chonail, only allowing you to sell up to 50,000 gold

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