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Astellia Online is a Classical MMORPG developed by Studio 8 and published by BarunsOn E&A. There are Astellia Key Features:  There are five classes to choose from, WARRIOR, ARCHER, SCHOLAR, ASSASSIN, or MAGE. There are three types of Astels that will be at your disposal, SERVANT, GUARDIAN, and SAVIOUR. SAVIOURs will be your “big cooldown” type abilities, while SERVANTs will be your bread and butter, commonly used maneuvers. GUARDIANs will have a high cost to maintain, limiting your options, but providing powerful benefits. Play solo or group up with friends in scaleable dungeons. More challenge = more reward! Join one of 3 factions and thrown down in Avalon in RvRvR type combat. Astellia Online, a tribute to the original tenants of the MMORPG Phenomena combined with innovation and promise… is an online store where users can purchase Astellia online Asper. U4gm is a legit and safe place to buy Astellia Asper. Certainly compared to other online stores you can rest assured.

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