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    Diablo 4 Build Package

    It's easy to make your character gameplay way more challenging than it has to be if you do not know how to make things right with your build, Glyphs, and gear. With our help you can get the best performing character as quickly as possible and jump straight into the end-game!

    What will you get from the Diablo 4 build package? 

    Start-Game Package Content:

    1. 60 Level
    2. World Tier 3 & 4 Unlocked
    3. Useful Sacred Legendary Gear 650+ Item Power with 1/3 the best stat Weapons 650+ Item Power
    4. Basic Codex of Power Aspects
    5. x1 key Glyph Level 15
    6. Optimized Skill Tree and Paragon Board

    Mid-Game Package Content: 

    1. 80 Level
    2. World Tier 3 & 4 Unlocked
    3. Ancestral Legendary Gear 780+ Item Power with 2/3 the best stat Weapons 800+ Item Power
    4. Tempering 1/2 the best affixes
    5. Royal Gems for your gear
    6. Basic Codex of Power Aspects
    7. x3 key Glyph Level 15
    8. Optimized Skill Tree and Paragon Board

    End-Game Package Content

    1. Character level 100;
    2. Ancestral Legendary Gear 900+ Item Power with 3/3 the Best stat; 
    3. At least one Exalted affix in each slot;
    4. Each Exalted affix 25% Greatly improved by Masterworking;
    5. At least one affix in each item 25% Greatly improved twice by Masterworking;
    6. Weapons 925+ Item Power;
    7. Tempering 2/2 the best affixes;
    8. Masterwoking 12/12 Tier; 
    9. Core Build Unique(s)
    10. x5 key Glyph Level 21
    11. Max Roll Codex of Power Aspects
    12. Royal Gems for your gear
    13. World Tier 3 & 4 Unlocked
    14. Optimized Skill Tree and Paragon Board


    1. Contact us after the purchase and our manager will ask you for your account credentials; 
    2. Our pro-players will use Premium VPN to disguise the account transfer to match your location and ensure complete safety.

    BD Links:

    1. Double Swing Barbarian
    2. Hammer of the Anicients Barbarian
    3. Whirlwind Bleed Barbarian
    4. Thorns Barbarian 

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