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Bless is a stunning fantasy MMORPG on Steam created in Asia and re-engineered for the West. Bless allows you to seize control of a world featuring epic landscapes, a new monster taming system, thrilling action-combat, punishing dungeons & raids, 100v100 Castle Sieges and more! 

It is very common in Bless Online world that gold is the main factor to make your game a lot easier. Bless uses the classic Copper/Silver/Gold currency system. You can use gold to buy the last part of your gear at AH and repairing your gear.

U4GM started the Bless Online project in 2018, before that we have kept our eyes on the Bless Online game updates for about 2 years. U4GM mainly offers service for Buying and Selling Bless Online gold & power leveling etc. We do our best to offer the best service and help you solve your problems about the game, so you can enjoy the Bless Online completely.

Our Delivery Statistics

U4GM boasts a large stock of inventory and can reliably get most gold orders to you in less than 5 minutes. Delivery statistics are as follows, the data is real and reliable. And for those orders with long time delay, we have a guarantee of refund - No delivery within 72 hours, a refund will be unconditional. (In Bless Online 91% Orders completed less than 5 Mins, 6.4% orders completed 5 - 30 Mins, 1.9% orders more than 30 Mins and 0.4% order are refund money.)

Delivery Statistics

Our Price Superiority

We sell gold are production by self, so we always sell with the lower price. We adjust Bless Online gold prices in real time according to current market prices. That ensures you are buying at low prices on our site. You can also save money by ordering a significant amount of gold and using U4gm Coupons. U4gm is a trustworthy website to buy Bless Online gold with low prices but quality services.

Our Reputation

U4gm, which has earned a 9.4 user rating on Trustpilot. Click U4gm Trustpilot to check its reputation. There are a large number of positive reviews shows that U4gm service is excellent. U4gm is well ­known for the high­ reputation among Bless Online players.

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Why Choose US

Fast Delivery We understand the importance of fast delivery and our dedicated staff will do everything possible to get your Bless Online Gold order as soon as possible.
Best Price We offer the product you want at the price you deserve. We pledge to offer you the best service and best Bless Online Gold product at the best prices!
100% Safe We Trade delivery method 100% safe and will take responsibility for that, we are experienced in the business and we can ensure that every order could be processed smoothly and efficiently.
Refund In the process of purchase,if we do not fulfill the customer's order on time,a refund will be granted.The refund will be issued immediately.

Bless Online Gold Review & Rate

  • By H. Sapiens
    • 50G Bless Online Gold

    • Feb/02/2023

    • 8 Mins

    • First time in years! It is the first time in years i`ve had a seller that was this quick the delivery only took like 5 mins

  • By Dr. Daniel Brewer
    • 10G Bless Online Gold

    • Dec/19/2022

    • 10 Mins

    • Good, fast and cheap ;)

  • By Squeeny
    • 50G Bless Online Gold

    • Dec/13/2022

    • 6 Mins

    • good and trustful platform. since years :) found via ebay

  • By Jennyfromtheblock
    • 30G Bless Online Gold

    • Dec/03/2022

    • 1.3 Days

    • Love the Gold provided. Ever since I have moved out of NY to Berlin, I have used this site in order to refill my PSN, Skype and Google Play Gold. They have refill cards here but you can only use the ones that are linked

  • By SuperDaysh
    • 60G Bless Online Gold

    • Dec/03/2022

    • 1.1 Days

    • Quick and safe delivery, have bought from them many times and its always quick and painless! 10/10

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