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If you're looking for comprehensive guides to Blade & Soul, you've come to the right place. We keep updating and as informative and useful as we can, including Classes, Races, PVP or any guides you need about this game. We hope you can find them helpful as we have in your Blade & Soul gameplay. If you have better comments or suggestions, welcome your message in our comment area.


Train as one of 10 classes, each with their own strengths, defenses, abilities, and devastating combos. Your class will dictate your entire experience with the game, through the weapons you can equip through to the abilities and combos you unlock. Take a look at which one is suitable for you.

Why should you choose a race in Blade & Soul? The importance of choosing a race is it defines the class you can play. Each race has a unique appearance and some inner power. Four races are available for those who wish to choose the path of martial arts: the deliberate Gon, the mischevious Lyn, the elegant Yun, and the industrious Jin. Now check out what class is available for the race you want to be!

PvP in Blade & Soul is divided into two modes of play: World PvP, which is based on an optional flagging system regulated by specific costumes, and Arena PvP, which is based on 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3 matches.


Finding the right class with the right build and gear can feel like rocket science to some. Whether you want to be a Blade Master, Summoner, Destroyer or Kung Fu Master, this guide is your handy resource in making the right choice. We will give you lasted popular build guides out of all 10 classes.

Are you get in trouble with blade & soul while gameplay, if yes, try this blade and soul faq (Frequently Asked Questions), i hope this can help you a lot. All answer is verified by our gamer.

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