• COD MW3 Borealis Camo Boost

    $ 268.66



    What you will get

    What you will get from MWIII Borealis Camo Boost

    • 37 Base MW3 Weapons and all Attachments unlock;
    • Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, Serpentinite, and Borealis Camos for every Weapon (unless only specific weapons are selected);
    • All Field Upgrades and Killstreaks unlock.
    • Get Serpentinite Camo for all MW3 weapons;Complete a total of 36 Serpentinite Camo challenges for MW3 weapons.

    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Purchased on your Account.
    2. This service is for Zombies mode only. It does not include any DLC or seasonal weapons.

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