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  • D4 Full Grimace Macabre Set

    $ 129.99

    Boosting Method

    Unique items

    Full Grimace Macabre Set:
    - Helm: Grimace Macabre;
    - Chest: Macabre Cage;
    - Gloves: Macabre Bandages;
    - Pants: Macabre Pins;
    - Boots: Macabre Footfalls.

    This exclusive Armor Cosmetic set can be acquired solely through the purchase of Diablo-themed burgers from Burger King in Japan. The limited edition set will not be accessible in the in-game store, so make sure to act swiftly to secure yours. With its distinct design tailored for your Necromancer, this set enables you to assert your dominance through your appearance in upcoming battles. Don't delay - the price is currently discounted for a limited period and will soon increase!

    1. Exclusive and limited Grimace Macabre Set set for your character;
    2. Won't be available in game store;
    3. Expires soon!

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