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Lost Ark Rapport Guide: Best NPCs, Gifts, and Rewards

One of the many types of quests your Lost Ark hero can undertake are Report quests, But what are they exactly? And what is Rapport in Lost Ark? How can you build relationships with certain NPCs? Here is an overview of everything you must know.

What to do with unnecessary things in Lost Ark?

After increasing the combat level to 50, the level of equipment plays an essential role in character development. With the pumping of your level of equipment, new opportunities and adventures open up. This guide we share what to do with unnecessary things in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Guide: Level 1 Island

For Lost Ark, It's time to swim. The level 1 island path will provide excellent materials. Many islands around the Lost Ark map are filled with great loot and rewards. This guide will show you a good level 1 island route in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to business skills

In Lost Ark, If you want to learn everything related to Life Skills, Housing, Professions, Commercial Skills, and Platinum Fields, Through the Trade Skills system, Professions/Professions/Trade Skills, your character learns to gather materials and resources around the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to all omnium stars location

Omnium Stars are one of the most tedious collectibles in Lost Ark, and most players don't even know how to get them. So let's see how exactly the player should get each of the six different Omnium Stars in Lost Ark and the rewards for each.

Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos: The Definitive Guide to Phase 2

In the following guide, discover what you will face in the battle against Argos and the mechanics of the different phases. Here is a guide to Abyss Raid Argos phase 2, Find everything you need to know to defeat Argos here.

Lost Ark: How to get all emotions?

Today we are going to show you how to get all the emotes in Lost Ark. There are so many actions and gestures that can be performed through emotions in Lost Ark. These emotes are sometimes rewarded after completing quests, and there are those that you can buy from certain NPCs. We have prepared a complete list so you can collect them all.

Lost Ark: 10 important factors/reasons to attract new and old players!

LOST ARK is back in the spotlight with Amazon Gaming's recent server launch in Europe. Whether you are a new player who just started or an old player who is returning now, I believe this game must have something to attract you. We'll detail the top 10 important factors/reasons why Lost Ark attracts new and old players alike.

Lost Ark Definitive Guide: Information & Knowledge & FAQ

Lost Ark has become one of the most popular games on Steam and was sought after by many players at the beginning of this year! To better facilitate the game experience of new players, the purpose of this article is to allow new players to understand better and master the Information, Knowledge, and FAQ of the Lost Ark game.

The Lost Ark Early Beginner's Guide to Help You Quickly Rise to Level 50

Lost Ark has a lot of gameplay content, and in the face of so much game content, I believe that many new players Players are at a loss. This article will talk about some knowledge points that novice players need to know in the early stage.

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