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Dofus Touch Overview & Features

Dofus Touch is a free-to-play mobile strategy MMORPG developed by Ankama Games for iOS and Android platforms. It features brand new touch controls developed specifically for mobile devices, optimized map downloads to save space, has no subscription fee, and notably does not sync with the original game, meaning players must make new, separate characters. Encounter ferocious creatures, bosses, and players in the search for the legendary dragon eggs. Play as fifteen distinct classes ranging from the stealthy Sram, and the drunken Pandawa, to the technomagical Foggernaut, each with their own set of abilities, strengths, and roles. Battle through 200 levels of content, across multiple maps, dungeons, and cities, and build your character to its potential in a variety of game modes that span PvE and PvP.


Dofus Touch Key Features:

  • Massive Game World – fight monsters, become an artisan, start or become leader of a guild, go on quests, chat with other players, and more.
  • Turn-based Tactics – strategically fight enemies and join with other players to control the battlefield.
  • Variety of Character Classes – enter the world as one of fifteen character classes each with a custom appearance, build, equipment, and playstyle.
  • PvE and PvP Gameplay – join in dungeon groups and take on powerful foes, or fight against other players in guild wars, 3v3 arenas, and 1v1 dueling.
  • Player-Run Economy – exchange, share, negotiate, and make your place in society using the game's many professions, and open up your own shop for players to peruse.

News and Guides

You Can Create Character And Choose Class In Dofus Touch
You Can Create Character And Choose Class In Dofus Touch

It's a known fact that Dofus Touch is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be glad to get it. In this Android game, you can create a unique character, choose his class, appearance and sex. Lastest Dofus Touch News at U4GM News & Guides Page and view website.


Unlock The Skeunkield From Wednesday In DOFUS Touch Singing Contest
Unlock The Skeunkield From Wednesday In DOFUS Touch Singing Contest

A Gobbstock singing contest is set to be released on Wednesday, June 21 in DOFUS Touch! You need to defeat the thief Steunk who hide in the contest. Then you will win an exclusive shield as a reward: the Skeunkield.


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9.8 from 0-10 (from 589 gamers' ratings)
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    11000K Dofus Touch Kamas On FR-Terra Cogita
  • Caca
    800K Dofus Touch Kamas On FR-Oshimo
  • Nick
    3000K Dofus Touch Kamas On FR-Herdegrize
  • Sam
    8000K Dofus Touch Kamas On FR-Terra Cogita

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