NBA 2K23 MyTeam: 16 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

juego: NBA 2K23
tiempo: 2023-05-13
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At the beginning of NBA 2K23 MyTeam, some newbies may not know where to start and which mode to play in order to receive the most rewards. It can be a difficult mode to get right, so here's what you should know to make the most of it in NBA 2K23. To help you out, here are a few tips that can help you get the best possible team without wasting time or overspending on cards.


NBA 2K23 MyTeam: 16 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. Set Up a MyCAREER Profile

You should set up a MyCAREER game. You don't have to play this game mode or invest any time or money into it, but by setting it up, you gain access to daily wheel spins. These daily wheel spins can land on virtual currency to benefit your MyTEAM journey.

2. Seasonal Goals

Open the season tab to see how long is left in the season and which goals are upcoming. There are normally 40 levels to obtain, with each level having a different reward. Usually, the last reward is worth getting as it comes in the form of a rare player or card to add to lineups. As this mode is free, it is highly recommended to check out and work through it to receive free packs, special player cards, and much more.

3. Exhibition Mission

The Exhibition Mode allows players to send away parts of their team to play games overseas and earn rewards. Head to the My Team menu next to Auctions, where players can bid on rare cards and select Exhibitions. Once the players have been chosen, they get sent off, and a timer appears. When the time is up, return to Exhibitions and claim the rewards.

4. Jordan Challenge

While Jordan Challenge may seem like nothing to do with My Team mode, finishing the legendary player's career will benefit those looking to improve their squad. Collect 40 stars along the way to the 98 finals and unlock 3 boosts for My Team squads. The unlocks are a Jordan Coach Card, Jordan FA Card, and a 95-97 Bulls Alt Jersey, all perfect for strengthening a My Team lineup.

5. Offline Practice

Offline modes are available for every part of My Team, be it a triple threat, freestyle, or clutch time. This is the recommended way to play My Team for beginners. Even try out the My Career option before starting My Team. Head to the single-player menu to hone those skills and get a feel for the players before considering the multiplayer menu.

6. Rematch Anytime

There are no player contracts for cards in NBA 2K23. This comes in very beneficial when playing in the offline modes. If the game isn't going how it should, restart to try again. No punishment will come as no contracts count to 0, so play on and hit rematch to make things right.

7. Completing Agendas

Completing Agendas gives you a great number of XP. Season agendas should be your primary focus because they provide a lot of XP. Complete your daily challenges in particular because they will help you a ton to level up. Apart from that, these challenges are fairly simple and shouldn't take long to complete, so prioritize them if you want to level up fast.

8. Locker Codes

Locker codes are free DLC codes from 2K that players can redeem for in-game items and rewards. The most frequent place 2K distributes locker codes is via their social media pages, so follow them and check weekly for a new code. Even the rarest cards in NBA 2K23 may be in one of these codes. When the code is redeemed, the rewards will become available; they are free.

9. Save Up Your MT Coins

Don't start spending your NBA 2K23 MT Coins without any thought. It is important to remember that many top cards will be unusable in a few months when the seasons change and new cards are released, so this option can be a waste of money. Instead, grind domination games, gather as much MT as possible, and spend wisely.

10. Accept You Will Lose Some Games

Losing matches is inevitable. However, don't be tempted to waste all your hard-earned coins in frustration at the game. Utilize the player's currently with your team, focusing on slowly making necessary and beneficial upgrades. If you resist wasting MT, you will be in a great position to purchase more top players as they are released.

11. Don't Over Invest Early On

It can be extremely tempting to invest in your favorite players early on. However, this is the easiest way to waste MT. First, early on, player prices are always incredibly inflated. Second, many better versions of that player card will become available later.

12. Take Advantage of Rewards

When using MT coins, the best value-for-money option is to use reward cards as often as possible. The further you work through the season rewards, the better the rewards become, including some top-tier players for you to unlock.

13. Understand How the XP Works

Despite rewards being a great way to improve your team, grinding to level 40 might not be your best option. Most people will not make it to that level and opt to purchase the level 40 player instead of earning it outright, and it often isn't worth your investment. The reward cards will also likely become unusable later in the game as they will be behind the average quality of other players, so the grind doesn't have much of a long-term pay-off if any.

14. Research cheap players that have an immense skill set

The market of Diamond and Pink Diamond cards is heavily overpriced, but there are Ruby and Amethyst players that can compete with the higher-tier cards. As a result, it is integral to research and experiment with the specific Ruby or Amethyst players who fit one's play style and could flourish in MyTeam.

15. Check prices of shoe boosts and badges in the collection

Shoe boosts and badges enhance the abilities and production of any card equipped with these benefits, but as a casual player of MyTeam, it is not advisable to collect many of these. Some shoe boosts and badges are priced over 5,000 MT coins, but the value and improvement they provide to certain players are not worth the MT coins.

16. Don't spend tokens when it is not necessary

There is no rush to spend all these tokens instantly for players in the market. It is advisable to utilize these tokens only when the players fortify the current squad's strength.

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