NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips

juego: NBA 2K23
tiempo: 2023-02-13
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NBA 2K23 shooting mechanics are pretty much the same as last year except for a few new additions and tweaks, but it can be an exercise in frustration for many players. Below, we have shared some NBA 2K23 shooting Tips to help you land more shots.


NBA 2K23 Shooting Tips

1. The basics

In NBA 2K23, you can still shoot jumpers, layups, and dunks by simply holding the shot button or the pro stick. It is essential to point out that, in 2K23, each jump shot style will have its Shooting Attributes (Stats), showcasing its efficiency in multiple scenarios and its peculiarities. When playing on Carrer Mode, the physical attributes of your players will directly affect the styles you will have access to, so keep that in mind.

2. The shot meter

The shot meter is back. It is an excellent way for new players to learn the basics of shooting and get the time of it mastered, allowing them to shoot by instinct and score most of the time. Once you get a good grip on the mechanics, you need to disable your Shooting Meter. You should do this as it provides a boost to your player, making it easier to make Shots in. Disabling the Shooting Meter will effectively increase the Green area of the meter and make it easier to converge Shots.

3. The size of make window

The make window will expand or shrink depending on your player rating, badges, energy level, and defensive coverage. Taking open shots with high-rated players will be much easier to hit.

4. Badges

Some badges in NBA 2K23 can help you get better at shooting. Below is the list of badges that can help you shoot like a pro:

    • Limitless Range
    • Claymore
    • Catch and Shoot
    • Deadeye
    • Amped
    • Volume Shooter

5. The finishers

Hold the shot button or move, and the pro stick in any direction while approaching the basket in close or mid-range. You will perform a finisher.

6. The dunks

For a dunk, perform the same input as a finisher but keep the sprint trigger held when you attempt the shot. If your player ratings are high enough and you have an open lane, you will perform a dunk.

7. The shot timing release setting

NBA 2K23 allows you to change the release time for all jump shots, giving you the chance to change how much time you will have to hold the shooting button. It can be set to Very Late, Late, Early, and Very Early. This setting gives the user more or less time to take their Shots. 

8. Timing

It goes without saying, but timing is crucial when landing a successful shot in NBA 2K23. In NBA 2K23, you can no longer make a shot if your Shooting meter is White. To make a Shot, you will have to land the meter in the Green perfectly. 

9. Take it Slow

If you are having trouble with the game's shooting mechanic, focus on practice, and keep honing your skills until you feel confident enough to try it out in a real game.

10. Pick the Right Jump Shot Combination (MyCarrer Only)

For those struggling to score in MyCareer, the mode allows players to assemble their signature Shot, which can be made by pairing the Base and release mechanics of many NBA players. But which combination will work the best for you is completely personal, so don't forget to try out as many as possible.

11. Don't force your shots. I appreciate that frustration and anger can easily get the better of you, and you can find yourself simply taking shots until you make one, but it doesn't work like that.

12. Familiarise yourself with your player's Hot Zones, which will greatly improve your shooting percentage.

13. Set screens, get into space, and shoot shots with as much space between you and your opponent as possible.

These were the Best Shooting tips that you should use in NBA 2K23. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. Be sure to see our detailed NBA 2K23 news page for more help on the game, like how to get NBA 2K23 MT coins.