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EverQuest II is Sony On the web Entertainment's premier hybrid membership MMORPG sequel towards the original iconic EverQuest and is set 500 years soon after that time frame. Each of the beauty and challenge of EQ might also be located in EQII, in conjunction with enhanced characteristics, deeper adventures, and a friendly community. On its own, EQII also brings a lovely and dangerous planet, comprehensive with exciting and engaging places, battles, quests, and achievements. And it might all be seasoned free of charge!

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Pros: an Astonishing variety of classes and races (20 races / 26 classes). +Huge game world. +Great character growth system with Alternative Advancements. +Plenty of quests.

Cons: Controls and interface can feel clunky. -Dated graphics engine.



Still one of the best MMORPGs to date. fully customizable housing, customizable clothing looks, and character creation is good. you can even save your old armor and use it for the appearance. who wants a toon that looks like every 3rd another toon you meet. EQ2 is by far one of the best for customization. Quest system that actually feels like doing a quest with a story behind it, even epic questing for class weapons. Crafting system and furniture making is a whole game all by itself with so much you can make and holiday-themed stuff. I have played many games, WoW, SWG, GW2, DAoC, Aion, STO, Rift, ROM, and none feel as complete of a game as EQ2. It may be an older game but don't let that fool you, it can push the limits of a newer high-end system with everything turned op on extreme. and its still a very beautiful game by today's standards. And its still one of the more populated games. even at 2 AM you will find several people running around in areas doing things.



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