Final Fantasy Xiv Overview & Features

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is yet another addition to the highly-acclaimed Final Fantasy franchise from the game giant, Square Enix. Enter the fantasy realm of Eorzea, a land embraced by the gods and forged by heroes. Play as one of five races, each with their own unique features and take your pick from eight combat classes and over 10 professions. Specialize in one class or mix them up to fit your own playing style. Follow a deep and engaging storyline while exploring a massive fantasy world chock-full of content that you’ve come to expect from a Final Fantasy game.


Final Fantasy XIV Key Features:

  • Story Driven Gameplay – with high production value (Graphics, Music, Cinematics, etc).
  • Character Customization – 5 playable races and 9+ playable classes to start. The equipped weapon determines a character's class and players can switch weapons at will.
  • Cross-Platform Play – between PC, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4.
  • Player Housing – through Free Companies (guilds) and private housing.
  • High Level of Content – an incredible amount of content. Players can easily spend thousands of hours in the game without running out of content to explore.
  • Small Features – lots of smaller features make the game feel complete (marriage, Golden Saucer mini games, tons of side quests, etc).

News and Guides

Final Fantasy XIV Update Reveals New Dungeons - Full Details Here
Final Fantasy XIV Update Reveals New Dungeons - Full Details Here

A new patch for Final Fantasy 14 is scheduled to launch next week, together with two new dungeons and also other updates.


FFXIV: What Improvements You Want in Stormblood
FFXIV: What Improvements You Want in Stormblood

Square Enix has announced the second major expansion Stormblood to be released in early summer 2017. There have been so many changes in this game, but we are still expecting what improvements Stormblood could get.


FFXIV: The past, present and future
FFXIV: The past, present and future

Building content for an MMO is not easy. With so many existing players to please, as well as the pressure of attracting newcomers and finding a way to keep both of those audiences happy... you could argue that the real work on a game of this type begins only after launch.


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