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    • Apr/23/2019

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  • By Eric
    • 50K NHL 18 Coins

    • Apr/23/2019

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  • By 9mung
    • 7000C Fallout 76 Caps

    • Apr/23/2019

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    • Apr/23/2019

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Massive Bug Fixes and Changes Will Hit Fortnite Battle Royale with V8.50 Update

Although Epic resolved a series of bug fixes for Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World in the v8.40 update released a few days ago, there are still some bugs and glitches have been plaguing Fortnite Battle Royale such as trap placement glitch, ghost audio glitch and more. And with the World Cup fast approaching, fans are eager to see many bugs and issues resolved in the future.

When Will the Fortnite Season 9 Begin? What Can We Expect from It?

We are approaching the final weeks of the Season 8 Battle Pass challenge, and new stories are being expanded on the map, all of these means Fortnite: Battle Royale is coming to an end. So when will the Fortnite season 9 begin and what can we expect from it?

Fortnite Season 8 | Zipline Map and Visit Pirate Camps Locations Guide in Week 7 Challenges

The newest Fortnite v8.30 brought with a Reboot Van item to players to allow you respawn your teammates, which is similar to the respawn stations in Apex Legends. And then a new set of weekly challenges arrived in Fortnite battle royale as usual. Week 7 challenges will task players with doing simple tasks, so you don't have to worry that the challenge will bring you too much trouble.

Fortnite World Cup Finals is Coming up on July 26th

Although the Fortnite World Cup has not yet begun, Epic is ready for the grand finale. The developer announced today that the Fortnite World Cup Finals would be held in Queens, New York from July 25th to July 28th. The prize pool will be $30 million, and the winner will leave at $3 million.