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Monsters are the main enemy in the PvE mode of Fortnite (Save the Word). Destruction is main action in their variety of different behavior patterns which will damaging players, buildings, and mission objectives. So, they are a product of the mysterious world disaster known as "The Storm" They are responsible for a great deal of destruction in the game's ravaged locations. Violent and destructive in nature, the monsters are driven by a single motivation: When sleeping, they will be awoken if the player approaches them, attempts to loot nearby materials, or attacks them or other nearby monsters. When going into harder Power Level missions, monsters can become elemental. If they are fire, water element weapons will be more powerful than ones with the nature element. However, weapons with energy damage will be neutral against all elements, even energy!


Husks are the most typical type of Monster in Save the Word. They seem to have after been humans which have been mutated by The Storm. They seem as humanoid monsters wearing what appears to become a "hoodie" but is actually their skin. They spawn from Storm vortexes through Missions, or is often discovered sleeping out on the planet. You can find many different varieties of Husks, each and every with a various look and attack pattern. There are 9 typies of Husks: Husk, Husky, Chrome, Pitcher, Sploder, Beehive, Lobber, Dwarf, Zapper.










Mist monsters are powerful enemies that come from a mysterious place known because the Mists, They are larger and much more dangerous than Husks, but are also less many. Their intelligence and attacks are far more evolved than that in the husks. They don't damage the objective but rather distract and harm the player and their defenses so as to allow the smaller Husks. When killed, mist monsters drop a piece of investigation information which serves because the objective of some quests.





There are some other monsters that do not stick to the common siege behavior and spawn mechanics of Husks and Mist Monsters.




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