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U4GM With ArcheWorld Bule Salt

ArcheWorld is a MMORPG that incorporates blockchain technologies and is based on globally-acclaimed "ArcheAge." ArcheWorld continues to seek a vision to realize a seamless, open-world, sandbox MMORPG. For more information on ArcheWorld, please click ArcheWorld Official Website.


Blue Salt (BSLT) is an ArcheWorld service token used at in-game exchange, leasing buildings, and ArchePass that can be used like real currency. Blue Salt acquired by selling items on the in-game token exchange can be exchanged to BORA token and be cashed out via DEX. Without sufficient BSLT, it is challenging to progress in ArcheWorld. 


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Rembourser In the process of purchase,if we do not fulfill the customer's la commande à l'heure, un remboursement sera accordé. Le remboursement sera publié immédiatement.

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  • By Christina Merrill
    • 10BSLT ArcheWorld BSLT

    • Dec/03/2022

    • 7 Mins

    • I received my ArcheWorld BSLT within 5 minutes. Was much cheaper than anywhere else. I was suspicious just because it was so cheap!

  • By lvaro Daz
    • 30BSLT ArcheWorld BSLT

    • Nov/20/2022

    • 8 Mins

    • excellent BSLT, very quick and useful

  • By Jason Pedersen
    • 50BSLT ArcheWorld BSLT

    • Nov/18/2022

    • 5 Mins

    • One more order is complete and as always: fast and convenient!

  • By DarkLink41
    • 20BSLT ArcheWorld BSLT

    • Nov/17/2022

    • 5 Mins

    • Ordered Nighthold Heroic several days ago and got tons of loot (13 items). More than satisfied :) Recommend this BSLT for anyone who wants to save his time and therefore money.

  • By Ashley Shaner
    • 50BSLT ArcheWorld BSLT

    • Nov/15/2022

    • 60 Mins

    • simply one of the best seller in eznpc, fast response, cheap price and he can negotiate about the price.....I will always try to buy from him!

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