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Legends of Aria is an MMORPG where players design their own worlds with distinct rulesets, such as high-fantasy or steampunk, and share their creations with other players or play privately. Defeat monsters, PvP, craft world-specific items, and build a fully customizable home in the Legends of Aria multiverse.


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Legends Of Aria Features

World creation - design your own genre-specific MMO world with a unique ruleset, such as high-fantasy magic or fill it with grinding steampunk gears.

Skill-based progression - increase skills by practicing a particular ability, improving your efficiency and unlocking new abilities as you advance.

Crafting - craftable items alter depending on the world you're in, such as swords in a medieval sphere or duct-tape bombs in a steampunk world.

Player Housing - cement your place in the world by constructing a home with fully customizable housing.

Animal Taming - persuade a menagerie of animals to join you on your journey.


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