Champion Finals 19 Wins Chest

  • FUT Champion Finals 19 Wins Chest
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    What is FUT Champion Finals 19 Wins Chest about?
    This service aims to get a premade FUT final 19 wins account with all fut champions rewards, experience the fun of open packs and gain all the FUT Champions Rewards from our premade account. You will have a high chance to gain 500K+ coins. Then we will transfer all coins to your personal account by comfort trade. Just buy now to earn a big reward! And good luck to you!

    What You Will Get?
    19 Wins Rewards
    1. 5*85+ Combo Packs
    2. 3*84+ Combo Packs
    3. 2*87+ Combo Packs
    4. Coins Rare Player Combo Pack
    5. 2*UT Combo Pack
    6. Start Coins

    Please follow the Steps:
    1.Select the certain amount of 19 wins. The account got fut champion finals rewards unlocked and waiting for you to pack. 
    2.We will provide FUT Champions Rewards Account information. And help you login.
    3.You can go directly to open the pack. And see how many coins you will get! 
    4.After opening all the packs and selling, we will help you free transfer Coins to your main account or you can choose to get 70% of your coin value cash back. Coins price will be matched with our current fc 24 coins price.

    How to Get A Free Coins Transfer Service?
    1.For EA restriction, transferring coins to your account directly may involve a ban,we provide customers a service of comfort trade for free.
    2.Take a picture after sell all packed players and send it to us after all the packs are opened.
    3.Provide us your account information. We will help you transfer account coins to yours.(6% Charge fee will be deduct when transfering)
    4. After transfer all the coins, we will take the account back after 24 hours.

    How to Get 70% Cash Back if Choose Cash Back 70%?
    1. Please check the amount with our livechat support team.
    2. Once we have check the payment with you, we will start cash back for you.
    3. The payment cycle will be in 24 hours.

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