EOS: First Major Content Update Now Live

Echo of Soul, the engrossing fantasy MMO from Aeria Games, has just launched its first major content update, featuring a massive amount of new endgame content - including the game's very first raid! The content update is now available and players can dive in immediately. A new trailer outlines all the great new content. You can watch it below:


The brand-new raid pits 10 players against the colossal Dryad, challenging them with rapidly shifting AoE damage zones, constant threats from the Dryad's tangled network of roots, and periodic assaults from minions wielding the powers of the four seasons. Players can tackle the raid with 9 friends, or allow the game's Smart Matching system to automatically build a balanced party. Smaller groups will love the two new party dungeons, The Sanctuary and The Blazing Peak - Echo of Soul's most challenging (and rewarding) dungeons yet.


Along with this exciting new content, today's update also introduces the Replay feature to Echo of Soul. Players can record their gameplay experiences directly from the game client and edit the footage however they see fit - perfect for creating some epic YouTube videos! This new tool allows players to freeze the action, rotate and zoom the camera, and change the playback speed of a scene. You can even switch the perspective to any of your party members on the fly!

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