Heavensward's newest dungeon with Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 3.01 brings a new raid dungeon, a new playable race, and more.


Square Enix has released its first update for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. The update, Patch 3.01, brings the new raid dungeon, Alexander, which is a mechanical colossus, based on the boss of the same name from the Final Fantasy series. 


Heavensward also features a new story that takes players into the Dragonsong War, the bloody, thousand-year conflict between the knights of Ishgard and the dragons of Dravania. The patch also raises the increased level cap from 50 to 60 on all disciplines, a new playable race, new dungeons and raids, new primal battles, and flying mounts that allow players to take to the skies on black chocobos, single-rider airships, dragons and more.


The new playable race is the Au Ra. Hailing from the eastern continent of Othard, the Au Ra  have curved horns and scaled skin, giving them a unique look. Adding to this are the new beast tribes and primal: the Vanu Vanu and their primal, Bismark; and the Gnath, with their primal Ravana.


 The game’s new jobs include the Dark Knight, the Machinist, and the Astrologian. The dark knight is a tank-type character, who uses a two-handed greatsword. The astrologian is a healer, whose divining deck and star globe calls on the power of the stars to heal allies and support the party, while the machinist focuses on dps, using a combo of guns and turrets on the battlefield.


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