Lost Ark - New Classes And Content Uncovered

Recently, new details about Lost Ark have been revealed thanks to a new letter from CM Risha. We have 2 new classes, Soulmaster and Hawkeye that will be present at the next CBT 3, as well as new content; Corridor of Trial, the card battles and the Trishion Training Center.



The following translations may not be entirely accurate as they have been taken directly from the Korean page.




The Hawkeyes are skilled hunters who carry a mechanical bow. They are capable of causing explosive damage or disturbing their opponents with their stealth abilities. His unique combat style destroys the enemy's will to defend himself, diminishing his movement and blinding him.




The Soulmaster is a class capable of attacking melee as if to perform ranged attacks that neutralize enemies. Its great speed of attack and its ability to counterattack will not give any chance to its enemies, who will palmar before they lie on the ground.


New content


Corridor of Trial


Hidden between two steep rocky mountains, which no one can reach, you can find the "Hal", one of the strongest tribes of the past.


They say that in the Judgment passage he has been able to train countless warriors. The tribe was so strong that they defeated the Guardian by themselves. Going into the passage means unraveling a great mystery.



Battles of cards


In Lost Ark you will not only enjoy exciting adventures, but you will also try something fun like card battles.


The cards can be obtained in various ways in the world of Lost Ark. You can get them by hunting monsters, by helping someone, by a gift or by obtaining rare letters in an incredibly difficult way.


It will be important to update the letters that we already have, as well as to have a good variety of them.


Trishion Training Center


The Trishion training center is a space where you can try all the skills without worrying about spending skill points.


Trishion Training Center offers the opportunity to test new or unused skills, and learn how to use them more effectively. To access the training center, we will have to talk to Beatrice.


The center will allow either using dummis or invoking creatures to practice.


Finally CM Risha shared one of the pieces of the soundtrack of the game and announced that soon will reveal more news. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on u4gm.com which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of cheap Lost Ark Gold and Powerleveling online.


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Lost Ark - New Classes And Content Uncovered
Lost Ark - New Classes And Content Uncovered

For some time we had not brought news about Smilegate and its long-awaited ARPG Lost Ark. The last thing we saw about the game, is that Smilegate was hiring QA testers for the new content and also showed the planned roadmap with the start-up for the CBT 3, the final test and the Open Beta.


Lost Ark - You Can Play For The Key NPC In Dungeon
Lost Ark - You Can Play For The Key NPC In Dungeon

While the company SmileGate is not in a hurry to please people with new trailers or details about the ambitious MMORPG Lost Ark, so we suggest our readers to watch a movie dedicated to one of the story dungeons.


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Lost Ark Review And Guide Of Chaos Gate

Developers from the company SmileGate tried to introduce in MMORPG Lost Ark a large number of activities that will help players fun and interesting to spend their free time. During the second closed beta of the Korean version of the game, a random event called "Chaos Gate" was available.


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