RuneScape 3 Gameplay Guide & Meteor Storm Event

RuneScape 3, the third High Detail evolution of RuneScape, is the most ambitious HTML5 project to date.



Comparing with RuneScape, it featured new tutorial, full screen mode, new chat heads, improved body kits, procedural texturing, enhanced blending, atmospheric lighting, realistic water effects and skyboxes to create the illusion of distant three-dimensional surroundings and camera flexibility to name a few.


RuneScape has not only improved in-game visual, but also added special event and one of the most famous one is the Battle of Lumbridge. To enter the game, you will need to take part in a battle between two of the world’s deities. Depending on your actions you can influence that battle to go in either gods' favour.


To begin the fight, you have to reach Lumbridge. Depending on which side you want to play, you have to head north or south. The red on the map is Zamorak, the blue one is Saradomin (screen above). In both camps you can find NPCs at which you can enroll. You can switch side in any momet by going to Kara-Meir in Lumbridge. 


The event bases on killing enemies and collecting special items, Tears. Team with more Tears collected, wins the daily event. Tears can be changed for special tokens and those for interesting items.


RuneScape is going to be receiving a Meteor Storm this week. The event offers up to 100% extra XP compared to standard lamps and stars. These meteors provide 33% more XP or Bonus XP than standard stars or lamps, and raise your lowest five skills with XP boost shoots up to 100%. Gathering meteorites and space dust on the new playable Treasure Hunter who allowing players to use Keys to claim in-game items (from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear) as prizes.



If you want more Keys, stock up by redeeming Bonds or click "Buy Keys" within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game. Anyway, once you need enough gold for that, visit U4GM for more RuneScape 3 tips on making gold or cheap RuneScape 3 gold for sale. We even offer best RuneScape 3 power leveling service for players. Are you ready to explore the world?

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