Do You Think the Issue of Guy Using Girl Character is More Serious than Bots?

Many players know there is bots in the game. Some of players think it is cool. And they throw out a question. What about a guy using girl chracter? They have encounter many female characters that being played by guys. They are surpristed that nobody ever complain about this issue and they believe this is way more serious more than bots. What do you think about it? Let us see below different player's comment.


"I know I hate it when my bf plays as a girl character because I'm insane and can't help but feel jealous sometimes. Probably because I don't get it, I personally never really want to play a guy character. However I dont mind others playing whatever genders they want." One of the female players said "Besides, I have yet to meet another girl in game, so I'm pretty sure without guys playing girl characters the whole server would look like a major sausage fest, with maybe a few females gathered somewhere in the corner and possibly harassed by messages from a ton of guys."



Some players think guys play female characters because they know other guys will do them favors or give them stuff just because they're female. Other guys play female characters for immersion-sake. Maybe they watched Claymore and they were like "Yeah! I could make Priscilla!" or something along those lines.


In short, Tree of Savior is a RPG game. You can choose the character you want. Maybe that is one of the most intersting things in the game. For most of the players, our aim  is to have fun, right?

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