2v2 Feature Will Come To Clash Royale Next Month

Clash Royale Date: Jun/27/17 13:58:40 Views: 2370

The mobile strategy video card game, Clash Royale is going to add new cards, new features into the game. One of the highlights is the 2v2 feature that will come to Clash Royale on July.



In the past, the developer of the game, Supercell removed the new feature. But recently, due to the popularity of the 2v2 feature, it will come back.


It has been noticed that the 2v2 button on Clash Royale main screen is not a permanent feature and will be ending soon. "Summer of 2v2" is coming back in July for the entire month.



Then Gems are the premium currency of Clash Royale. New players have original 100 Gems. You can earn additional Gems by completing Achievements, opening Chests, or purchased with real money.


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