All Team Ratings and Rankings in MLB 18

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There aren’t a ton of surprises here. The defending champions hang onto their first spot and same goes for the #2 for the runner-up Dodgers. The Marlins who threw in the white flag this off-season by trading Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees, unsurprisingly are at the bottom of the rankings along with the White Sox and Tigers. Getting more MLB 18 Stubs and putting together a Diamond Dynasty squad in MLB The Show 18!


30th: Miami Marlins – Speed 1st, 28th Defense 11th Contact, 26th Power, 30th Pitching

29th: Chicago White Sox – 16th Speed, 29th Defense, 27th Contact, 20th Power, 28th Pitching

28th: Detroit Tigers – 14th Speed, 17th Defense, 28th Contact, 27th Power, 29th Pitching

27th: Pittsburgh Pirates – 13th Speed, 24th Defense, 9th Contact, 28th Power, 25th Pitching

26th: Oakland Athletics – 26th Speed, 30th Defense, 30th Contact, 5th Power, 18th Pitching

25th: Kansas City Royals – 11th Speed, 4th Defense, 23rd Contact, 29th Power, 22nd Pitching

24th: San Diego Padres – Speed 3rd, Defense 6th, 20th Contact, 24th Power, 27th Pitching

23rd: Atlanta Braves – Speed 8th, Defense 7th, 15th Contact, 30th Power, 24th Pitching

22nd: Baltimore Orioles – 29th Speed, 21st Defense, 17th Contact, 6th Power, 23rd Pitching

21st: Tampa Bay Rays – Speed 22nd, Defense 19th, 24th Contact, 19th Power, 20th Pitching

20th: Cincinnati Reds – 9th Speed, 14th Defense, 18th Contact, 18th Power, 26th Pitching

19th: Philadelphia Phillies – 4th Speed, 20th Defense, 25th Contact, 14th Power, 15th Pitching

18th: Minnesota Twins – 2nd Speed, 13th Defense, 26th Contact, 11th Power, 21st Pitching

17th: Seattle Mariners – 27th Speed, 25th Defense, 10th Contact, 16th Power, 12th Pitching

16th: Texas Rangers – Speed 18th, Defense 23rd, 29th Contact, 12th Power, 10th Pitching

15th: New York Mets – Speed 25th, 16th Defense, 21st Contact, 21st Power, 9th Pitching

14th: Milwaukee Brewers – 10th Speed, 27th Defense, 8th Contact, 8th Power, 19th Pitching

13th: Toronto Blue Jays – Speed 30th, Defense 15th, 19th Contact, 4th Power, 17th Pitching

12th: Arizona Diamondbacks – 5th Speed, 18th Defense, 16th Contact, 15th Power, 11th Pitching

11th: Colorado Rockies – 6th Speed, 9th Defense, 3rd Contact, 17th Power, 16th Pitching

10th: St. Louis Cardinals – 15th Speed, 22nd Defense, 6th Contact, 13th Power, 13th Pitching

9th: Los Angeles Angels – Speed 28th, 3rd Defense, 22nd Contact, 2nd Power, 14th Pitching

8th: San Francisco Giants – 24th Speed, 8th Defense, 7th Contact, 25th Power, 8th Pitching

7th: Cleveland Indians – 23rd Speed, 26th Defense, 12th Contact, 23rd Power, 5th Pitching

6th: Boston Red Sox – 20th Speed, Defense 11th, 4th Contact, 22nd Power, 6th Pitching

5th: New York Yankees – 1st Speed, 2nd Defense, 13th Contact, 7th Power, 4th Pitching

4th: Chicago Cubs – 17th Speed, 5th Defense, 14th Contact, 3rd Power, 3rd Pitching

3rd: Washington Nationals – 12th Speed, 12th Defense, 1st Contact, 9th Power, 7th Pitching

2nd: Los Angeles Dodgers – Speed 19th, 10th Defense, 5th Contact, 1st Power, 2nd Pitching

1st: Houston Astros – Speed 7th, Defense 1st, 2nd Contact, 10th Power, 1st Pitching

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