Best Mage Farming WOW Classic Gold Location

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Gold farming in WOW Classic is very hard, Daguai will drop Gold, but generally it will drop a few Silver, if you play elite monsters, it will naturally drop more. When you are full, you can play elite monsters in many places like Dire Maul, Hearthglen, Darkwhisper Gorge, etc. It is obviously a good choice. Occasionally you can drop Glowing Brightwood Staff, Krol Blade and other purple clothes, you can also buy a good price. Even a lot of green ones that fall can sell 1-2Gold. I can be sure that many people will think of this method, so when these places are sure to be more people than strange, only a few people can get the team to harvest. Let's take a look at the 60-level Mage brush wow classic Gold location recommended.

Best Mage Farming WOW Classic Gold Location

1 - Zul'Gurub Brush Crocolisk

Zul'Gurub's Altar of Hakkar has four points of Crocolisk elite. Two to three waves per point. Equipment is generally, one or two waves of two waves clear. Mage can be cleared in one wave. If you have 2 piles of Crocolisk, you have to control the distance and turn around Crocolisk. The goal is to get them together and to control the range of Cone of Cold and the distance of Crocolisk. When they are gathered into almost one, dismount, Cone of Cold. Because the original Cone of Cold cools for 10 seconds, the deceleration effect lasts 8 seconds and there is a 2 second fault. So we ordered the ice cold effect for an extension of 3 seconds. This is 10 seconds of cooling and 11 seconds of slowdown. It just happens to keep Crocolisk slow down all the way, not close. Note that the kite is good, Cone of Cold and Blizzard cooperate with A. There are falling gems and coins (used to change Zandalar Reputation), if you are lucky, there may be purple equipment, equipment to see the price of the property. The gemstone is in the Auction House, which sells 5 to 8 Gold, and the coin is 1 Gold. You can also Skinning and get out of Rugged Leather.


2 - Two farms on the left side of Western Plaguelands

The two farms on the right side of Western Plaguelands are not good at gathering, so give up. Each farm is divided into four to five waves. Because it is a common blame, it is still very fast. PVP server, you have to worry about unexpected situations. The comprehensive income is about 20Gold per hour.


3 - Silithus Twilight Base Camp

The main thing here is to play the mobs out of the twilight suit and sell them to others. One piece can also sell two Golds, and the drop is still very impressive. Out of Encrypted Twilight Text, you can change to Reputation.

4 - Scarlet Monastery

The Cemetary and Cathedral are recommended here. Every time you lead a little more. The 30-40 level of blame, it is easy to A. You can also earn 20Gold in an hour. Of course, if you bring the trumpet to upgrade, the income will be higher.

All right. This is, for everyone to bring the level of Warcraft, Mage brush Gold several locations. I hope that when you open your nostalgic clothes, you will ride thousands of Gold horses for the first time. Everyone has a good place, welcome to leave a message. Like, you can pay attention to it, thank you all.

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