Blade and Soul Gold Making FAQ

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It comes as no doubt that master the Gold Making method is one of the important things in Blade & Soul. With Blade and Soul gold, players can fuel their upgrades and other expenditures, for many players, the end-game goal is to have a good method of making gold.


Blade and Soul Gold Making Guide


Of course, if you ever find yourself scrambling for more blade and soul gold, but can't seem to find the time, U4GM has got you covered. Now, let's dive into this Gold Making guide.



NO.1 What is Blade and Soul Gold? Why do you need to get Blade and Soul Gold as much as you can?


Just like you buy things requires money to be exchanged, similarly, in Blade and Soul, you need game gold for buying valuable materials or items, strengthening your weapons and accessories, and saving your grinding time.


NO.2 How many Gold Making methods are there in Blade and Soul?


In terms of Gold Making, there are several ways, such as "Running Dungeons", "Crafting System", "Auction House" and more. It is not difficult to grasp these methods. This article will introduce each method as detailed and comprehensive as possible.


NO.3 How to Make Gold through "Running Dungeons"?


The first and the primary source of gold is running dungeons. This way allows players to team up with some friends to defeat bosses. You can grind normal quests and daily quests through running dungeons. Here is a quick video where the creator put together all of the dungeons in the game and ordered them from best to worst for making gold.



There are four or five main areas that give out the most gold: Blackram, Misty Woods, Highland Necropolis, Orchard of Souls, Hogshead Pastures, Lycandi Foothills, and Sapphire Basin.


They are only available to high-level players, but again, making gold is most important after you reach the higher levels anyway. Once you get out of the top tier of dungeons, the gold rewards tend to not be worth the time it takes to run them.


The monsters in the top dungeons drop a lot of gold, and you can go faster if you are playing a high AoE damage class like the Blade Master. You just need to collect a lot of mobs at once and wipe them out with your AoE skills.


SIngle-target and low-health classes like the Assassin won't be able to pull as many mobs at once, so they will gather gold more slowly. As a bonus, you can also pick up some EXP using this approach, so you can get through those last few levels as you approach the cap.


Of course, you can get the reward through your hard fight and adventure, such as Soul Shield.


The Soul Shield is made of eight individual pieces. If one player can collect a full set of soul shield, he will be granted the extra bonus.


Soul Shield is one of the most important factors to improve your strength in PVP or PVE. It boosts offensive and defensive abilities, which can replace armor.


You can collect the pieces that can be made up of a full set of Soul Shield through your adventure.


How to acquire Soul Shields?


1. Spinning the wheel of fate to gain orbs from a boss or monster in the wild.

2. Completing quests;

3. Exchanging Hero Cards for Soul Shield;

4. Dropping from Bosses or monsters;

5. Crafting Soul Shield


NO.4 How to Make Gold through "Crafting System"?


You can craft useful items and sell them on the open market to other players. In Blade and Soul, you may select two crafting guilds and two gathering guilds. Then you can use your four guilds to create two types of materials and two types of craft goods.


Blade and Soul


For example, the Fish Network guild lets you craft fish materials. To make a good income, you have to know which crafted products are in high demand, and you need to keep track of them, because the market demand is protean, and the price is fluctuant with the market. It changes as new players reach the level cap and as patches change which upgrades are important.


Right now, one of the best guilds to choose is the Soul Wardens, who create transformation stones. These are important items for almost every upgrade in the game. That means players of all levels will need them and will have to purchase them, so demand will always be high. You can use the stones yourself as well, saving you the money you would have spent to purchase them.


As for the other profession to choose as a crafting guild, the Merry Potters guild is a good complementary choice. The crafts from this guild are materials in the transformation stone crafts, so you can reduce the cost of your transformation stone crafts by making those materials yourself. This increases your profit margin. In addition, the Merry Potters' crafts are good to sell to lower level players for the Windstride quest, and you can sell the transformation stone precursors to other high-level players.


There is one more reason to choose these two guilds together: they use overlapping sets of materials. Both guilds draw on the output of the Tree Fellers to craft their goods. You can then pick either the Green Thumbs or the Trapper's Alliance as your other gathering profession. The Soul Wardens need meat and the Merry Potters need soil and grain.


Here is a video guide that I hope will help you:



NO.5 How to Make Gold through "Professions"?


In general, some professions can bring in money, but sometimes they can't. There are two phases: in the early game and in the late game. The profession in different periods of the game shows different value.


For example, the food guild is not particularly important for players, since food items are not in high demand for them.


Highly useful items for early-game players and some decent crafts for later game players are provided by the pottery guild. For the players' big Windstride quest in early game, players will need pottery materials. People crafting evolution stones will find that refiners and bowls are important later on.


The soul shield researcher guild is the best end-game profession. Top-level players demands this highly and since soul shield crafts are being used for fusing, it becomes very popular. The pottery guild and the soul shield researcher guild are a very good combination. Not only does this allow you to craft your own materials, but both guilds can also be ensured to have very high-demand items for you to sell at all phases of the game.


In terms of the materials needed, some synergy can be seen such as gathering guilds use the lumber guild, crops are needed for pottery guild, and meat is needed for the soul shield researcher guild.


You can both use them yourself or use them to get some money on the marketplace. Since it is not a good idea to pick a profession based only on how much money it brings in, this makes your choice very important. Unless there are additional rewards, they are just not profitable enough to devote that much time and effort. Therefore, evolution stones and soul shields for fusing can be made all by yourself.


NO.6 How to Make Gold through "Auction House"?


The auction house plays an important role in the game, and you can sell the crafts and materials that you have acquired in dungeons to the market. Blade and Soul starts off rapid until level 45 and then slows down to a grind thereafter. Except for buying some important materials if you cannot find them yourself, you will not need the auction house very much at the start. Further on, selling things of your own and buying more and more materials will require the use of the auction house.


You will be able to buy from and sell to people across your region since the auction house is cross-server. When a given kind of item will fetch a high price will be sometimes difficult to predict as demand for various items will change over time. New patches and changes can have a big effect on the items people want, so it is important to pay attention to them.


Blade and Soul gold is very important in the end game, because there are so many materials and items you need to acquire. If you can find a rare item and then sell it for a high profit, which is useful for you, once you have exhausted in daily dungeons.



NO.7 How to Make Gold through "Merry Potters Guild"?


Merry Potters can make jars, pickaxes, bowls, refiners and special items. Merry Potters guild and Evolution stones guild are complementary. In addition, the Merry Potters' crafts are good to sell for lower-level players for finishing the Wind Walking quest, and you can sell the transformation stones for higher-level players.


A very good combination is the Merry Potters guild and the Evolution Stones guild, which lets you craft your own materials, and makes sure both guilds are in high demand at all stages of the game. The Merry Potters guild needs crops and the Evolution Stone guild needs meat, and you can use crops and meat to craft materials, or exchange some money on the marketplace. It is not a good idea to choose a profession based only on how much money it brings in.


Sometimes it is useful for crafting other materials, but it is not worth for devoting much time and effort, unless there are additional rewards.


NO.8 How to Make Gold through "Match Profession and Gathering"?


If you choose below crafting skill with recommended gathering skill, it will be easier to find resources to craft result in more gold. However, you are free to choose any gathering skill as you want. If so, you can buy required materials from auction house.


You level crafting level every time you order guilds to produce your item. The more frequent you order items, the more experience you will earn. It is worth to invest your gold and time for crafting, when level is up, you will be rewarded with higher-level item which is more powerful. Please note that higher level crafts require rarer ingredients and takes longer time.


Blacksmith - Quarrying, Mining

Alchemist - Herbalist, Fishing

Culinary - Harvesting, Hunting

Jeweler - Quarrying, Mining

Pottery - Harvesting, Lumber

Soul Shield Researcher - Lumber, Hunting

Talisman - Herbalist, Fishing


NO.9 Is there any other way to Make Gold? How to do?


In addition to the above methods, there are some small methods also useful for Gold Making:


1) Evolution Stones guild


This is one of the best end game profession. It centers on collecting common and rare stones, and it ties with the Forest keepers for crafting weapons and tools.


2) Soul Shield Researcher


It looks uninteresting in early game, but it's very fun in end game content. As players get to the max level, they will find the right soul shield they need. Unlike reaching-level-cap players, they will change their equipment frequently. If you are looking for the way to make gold, this is the recommended profession.


Remember that there's no need to make Blade and Soul yourself. You can always consider buying it from a reputable shop like InGameDelivery. It is the best shop so far in terms of price, reliability, delivery speed, and customer recommendation.


3) Talisman


Scrolls can be found from enemy's loot like food, however, it is not often dropped. Revival charms might be interesting to sell in the market. However, most customers will be early-mid level players.


4) Culinary


It seems like it is worth to learn cooking skill. The buff you earn from food is really useful like damage boost. However, it is not something you should invest in. Food can be found everywhere. Even the boss's loot, it's dropped as usual.


5) Jeweller


You can sell accessories to make gold, but the highlight is making keys. Keys can let you unlock weapon chest crafting gem box and to pass some quest. Also, it can make you profit in the market. It is quite good for this profession. It may not make you rich but you will surely have enough cash in hands.


6) Alchemist


It is not what it seems, not the ideal profession. We can't deny that potion is essential to the game. In PvE or PvP, you will need to drink potion. Well, you don't have to make it, the potion can be found easily. It is almost the standard loot. Antidote might be useful, it is good at late game. To sum up, it is not a popular profession.


7) Pottery


Pottery makes container like bottle, jar, and bowl. These are useful items for crafting and are really important in higher level crafting. Sometimes it is a requirement for quests. Sticking with this profession can make you gain profit since other guilds like Culinary and Soul Shield Researcher will need your product.


8) Blacksmith


Making weapon is a good idea in early to mid-level character. To be honest, this profession is not worth at all. The weapon you made can be found at drop or sold by NPCs. Moreover the dropped ones from monster is better than weapons you craft. You don't have much powerful weapon by this profession. However it's a good idea to craft weapons for new players who are your friends or clan members. You may get this profession for your new character as well.

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