Dawn of the Morning Light Unfolds On Secret World Legends

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As the Tokyo events closed the first narrative arc of Secret World Legends, the newly released Dawn of the Morning Light update relaunches the story's narrative with its twists and turns.



When it was launched in 2012, The Secret World stood out significantly from the MMO offer of the day, as much because of its universe as its mechanics of play. Funcom imagined indeed to immerse the players in a disturbing contemporary world in which Myths, supernatural and other urban legends are a tangible reality, as long as we are able to penetrate the mysteries of the "secret world" of the title. And the playfulness of The Secret World was just as original since, alongside confrontations confronting players with monsters and demons of nightmares, it embarked us especially in the heart of a particularly dense narrative frame, even horrifying, to discover gradually at through riddles and investigations, conspiracies and conspiracies, investigative missions or sabotage - soliciting the knowledge and powers of deduction of players, and sometimes sufficiently strong to force us to carry out detailed research of clues, in and out of the game, to identify the best ways to progress.


And while The Secret World was both rather ambitious and original (positioning itself at the antipodes of the MMO offer of the time based essentially on clones of World of Warcraft), the MMO Funcom remained a niche title, obviously considered too complicated and retaining a limited number of players.


From The Secret World to Secret World Legends


At the same time, Funcom was experiencing financial difficulties and when he was appointed head of the Norwegian studio in August 2015, Rui Casais initiated a gradual change in business strategy: Funcom gave up on very large MMOs requiring years of development to focus on the design and operation of smaller, more accessible games, designed more quickly and updated more often. This new strategy will clearly bear fruit since Funcom claims the best exercise in its history in 2017 and the operation of The Secret World is fully in line with this new policy: in the summer of 2017, The Secret World becomes Secret World Legends.


We find the same contemporary game world, the same disturbing and esoteric atmosphere that piqued the curiosity of the players of The Secret World (some areas have been redesigned and the quests are articulated so that they are better linked to make them more meaningful), but as part of a modified gameplay: the game is now presented as a "shared world action RPG" leaving a better narrative framework to the fore. to guide new players through the "legends of the secret world". Areas now have a limited number of players for better immersion (and improved game performance), the content is more designed for single players or small groups - including dungeons, some of which are scripted, or instances for two players, among others.


For the occasion, the combat system has also been revived for more dynamism (without targeting, with a simplified evasion system), without compromising on the freedom left to the player (regardless of the class, has access to the set of skills and it is the choice of the weapon among a relatively diverse arsenal that defines the style of combat). Likewise for the progression system: it is clearer than in the initial version of the game (less likely to give rise to errors) and is based mainly on a new management of the equipment that is progressed throughout the game , much easier than in TSW.


And to (re) find a (new) audience, the game is mainly distributed according to a free-to-play model allowing all the curious to discover the essence of the game cheaply - the entire narrative content is playable for free when the paid content is cosmetic or comfort.



Dawn of the Morning Light, a new narrative arc


Since June 2017, the different countries and updates of The Secret World have been gradually adapted in Secret World Legends, allowing to explore sometimes Kingsmouth, this small island town of New England, the burning sands of Egypt, the forests from Transylvania or more recently Tokyo. And the Japanese capital was the opportunity to close the first narrative arc of Secret World Legends.


After a few months during which the developer has been discreet, just interrupted by a few seasonal events and the launch of the new agent system, Secret World Legends is resuscitated with a new update deployed this April 4 Dawn of the Morninglight, which marks the first steps towards a new season and a new narrative arc.


We remember that at the end of the previous chapter, our character was held responsible for the "Tokyo events", forcing him to keep a low profile while waiting to find the real leaders. With this in mind, Secret World Legends' new chapter 'Dawn Naissante' opens the doors to a still unexplored country, this time leading us to South Africa (where we will discover local myths and legends) - through various areas that players will discover as they progress in the extension.


In this new region of the world, players will be confronted by the sect of the new Dawn, officially in search of a new Promised Land but whose true designs will be pierced through a new series of six missions that make progress the overall framework of the game, with their lot of twists and pretenses (in addition to twelve unpublished secondary missions). This new story begins with infiltrating the cult by pretending to be a worshiper, in order to progress in its hierarchy - and as often in the game, several different methods can achieve the goal. Some may choose to be discreet; others very indiscreet, for example by exploring the night camp despite the curfew imposed there to discover it in a new light ...


While Dawn of the Morning Light's lineup will only take players a few hours (and some more for secondary missions), the update marks the transition between the events in Tokyo and the beginning of a new season. - of which we still know nothing but which, like the first one, should plunge the player in the meanders of a complex history which will lead us again towards new destinations.


The update is distributed free (as the basic version of the game, so, which can be downloaded from the official website), but an optional pack is also on sale for € 20, incorporating cosmetic content. Dawn of the Morninglight is to discover since April 4, pending future adventures.


This article is part of an advertising campaign commissioned by Funcom, and is written without editorial constraints of the editor, nor consultation or intervention in substance or in form.

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