Destiny 2 - Veterans Of The First Game Will Receive Different Emblems

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Destiny 2 is a fps game, multiplayer directed by  Bungie and marketed by Activision Publishing. Destiny 2 is in development on PS4 and will be released on Sept. 6 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will come to PC on Oct. 24.



The plot of Destiny 2 tells the story of how humanity fell under the onslaught of a huge army of the Red Legion under the leadership of Commander Gaul. He deprived the guards of the last city of their strength, and turned the inhabitants to flight. But the brave heroes of humanity will come together to rebuff Gaul and crush the Red Legion, but for this the players have to collect all the forces scattered throughout the system and act as a united front, returning their home.


There is a pre-load date for players who want to pick up Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4. It allow players to get their game ready a bit earlier. The supposed Sept. 3 pre-load date for the upcoming game can be seen on the PlayStation 4 by navigating to Destiny 2's game page where players will find that a new option has been added that mentions pre-loading the title a couple of days before the September release.



Destiny 2 should not only attract new players, but also be the next stage of the journey for fans who spent long hours in search of equipment and battles with opponents in the original game. Such players will even be able to transfer their characters to a new part, although they will lose all their equipment. But other than that, there will be one more opportunity to boast of their merits in the new game.



Studio Bungie announced that the players of the Destiny 1 will be able to get unique emblems in the sequel, which will show their experience and achievements in the first part.


  • Laurel Triumphant is given for passing a Moment of Triumph in the first year of Desinty;

  • Laurea Prima II is given for the passage of all 10 Moments of Triumph in the first year of Desinty;

  • Slayer of Oryx is given if you bought the addition of The Taken King and passed a Moment of Triumph in the second year of Destiny;

  • Heard the Call is given if you bought the expansion of The Taken King and passed all 8 Moments of Triumph in the second year of Destiny;

  • Young Wolf: given if you bought a supplement of Rise of Iron and reached the Rank 2 in Age of Triumph;

  • Saladin's Pride is given if you bought a supplement of Rise of Iron and reached Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph;

  • Lore Scholar is given if you collected more than 5,000 Grimoire points in Destiny 2.


The developers also note that if you want to have time to get one of the details, then you need to accomplish the corresponding achievement before August 1, but will hold special events that will help get a higher rank within the Age of Triumph.


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