Elysium Project Gold Farming Tips by Grinding

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Nighthaven is going to be a fast-paced progression realm, starting on version 1.2. My first character on Nighthaven was leveled through farming mobs only, I had few thousand golds at 60 with that. Now either do only that or every few levels to get some golds. It's a good alternative when the quest areas are packed. Get skinning as you'll double the golds by vendoring the leather, you can remove it at 60.


Gold Farming Tips by Grinding


*29-32 - farm the turtles in Hillsbrad Foothills (river close to the Tarren Mill)


32-34 - farm the harpies in Thousand Needles (Roguefeather Den, a cave west of Freewind Post)


*34-40 - farm the cats in Swamp of Sorrows (they're basically everywhere)


40-44 - farm the bears and wolves in Feralas (east part called The Lower Wilds)


44-48 - farm any higher level wolves/bears/gorillas in Feralas (towards west)


*48-52 - farm the gorillas and bears in Feralas (The Twin Colossals at the north west part)


*53 - 60 farm the bats in Eastern Plaguelands starting from lower level ones (When you enter the zone look on both sides of roads, later move to the northern parts for higher level bats)


Now you follow it as you wish but I'll mark the ones you should really do with a "*". U4gm.com provide cheap Nighthaven PvP gold for Vanilla WOW Legacy Server. Full stock & Safe & Instant delivery & 24x7 customer support. The best place to buy Elysium Project gold.

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