FIFA 15 Guide: How to Buy TOTW 13 Players with the Cheapest FUT Coins

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With the announcement of TOTW 13, many players must be crazy about SIF ST Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and the best serie A back Hummels. How to get these players with the cheapest FUT coins?

Firstly, Timing

The shortlisted players includes Messi, IF Pogba and De gea. You must be earnestly long for the famous players. Here I will take Messi as an example. His PS price on 28th is 9825170. After one day, his price is dropped to 7206250. In the third day, his price unexpectedly is dropped to 6127063. Therefore, we can conclude that we should not buy it in the first day. The reason why his price in the first day is so dear is that the supply is scare. But if his supply is increased, his price will be up. This is the market demand relationship.

Secondly, you can get more discounts with FIFA 15 coins than FIFA points.



If you want to get the players by Gold Packs, I think you can get more discounts with FIFA 15 coins than FIFA points. The following is the reason:
1. One Gold Packing opening will consume 7500 FIFA 15 coins or 150 points.
2. Buying 750 FIFA points will consume 6.60USD and you can open packs for 750/150 = 5 times.
3. You consume 6.25USD in to get 160 K FIFA coins in PS. (150K = $ 5.86) 160K / 7500 = 21 times!


I hope the above methods can help you if you need to buy FIFA 15 coins. Make a purchase in .

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