Guides To Make Your Role More Stronger in ASTA: Skills

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As with most Games, the general power and effectiveness of your role depends on their skills / abilities and attributes / statistics. These factors are also affected by many other systems, and these systems may also interact with each other, such as character level, talents, equipment, and divine spirits.


This does not mean that all of these functions are discussed in detail (for some of them, with specialized guidance), but rather the starting point for new players who want to learn about the particularities of the development of people in ASTA.




Skills are the ability to use your role when prompted. They depend on your role level and level, most of the skills will also have different skill levels, more and more strong. As your character rises, new skill levels will be automatically learned.


Know when to use what kind of skills, in which circumstances absolutely necessary to effectively play your character. The use of skills consumes "mana" (in the blue bar icon in your role unit frame), so you will not be able to continue to use the skills and must ensure that you will not interrupt the mana cost.


Many skills can not be used quickly and continuously, forcing you to wait for a period of time (referred to as "cool"). Finally, skills are also divided by their scope (most often referred to as "melee" and "remote" skills), and what goals they can affect. Some skills can be thrown on your own and / or your ally, while other skills can only be used for opponents. Make sure to double-check the description of each skill in order to know its role.

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