Gunslinger Comprehensive Guide in Blade & Soul

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The Gunslinger is a unique martial artist as a gun-toting wrecking machine; entering battle with dual wielding pistols capable of taking down the hardiest of enemies. Gunslingers can also make use of a special grappling hook that aids them in both offense and defense.


Visualizing their attacks as a "harmony of destruction," the Gunslinger is seen as the maestro of combat, orchestrating an unstoppable barrage of gunfire against any opponents that get in their way. With lightning quick reflexes, this mobile shooter moves on the battlefield, unlike any other warrior. Eternal Night is now live! You can check out the full Gunslinger 4.5 Patch Notes here.


Gunslingers come to the table with an impressive array of skills that separate them from any other type of combatant. The Gunslinger's abilities call upon Earth and Wind elements, Gunslingers can generate special attacks that enhance their projectiles. Don't forget that bns gold also on sale at U4GM.



Gunslinger Overview


Difficulty: Easy


Available Races: Jin, Yun



Ranged control

Good DPS

Good in 6v6



Lack of pt utility

Lack of joint cc

Bad in 1v1 


Suitable for which player:

Compared to the other classes, Gunslinger can take down enemies incredibly quickly. Gunner is strong and easy to master, which is suitable for new players.


Gunslinger in Play

1) Focus on what:

The Assassin has 2 available elements, Flame, and Shadow. Gunslingers can generate special attacks that enhance their projectiles. Damage will increase with the selection of the right items.

2) In Arena PvP:

For arena PvP, just one note for you that both fire and shadow are viable. Fire may have more advantages with tab piercing style but you still can get to gold with shadow build with air combo + 4.


Gunslinger Combos

We will update later, so keep up with our Blade and Soul Gunslinger updates.

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