Here's Our MLB The Show 19 Wishlist

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We know now is around the time SDS starts working on the new MLB for next year, so Here's our MLB The Show 19 Wishlist for the future. What's on your wishlist?




Add more animations: 1st basemen split, the celebration by the pitcher on a strikeout for the last out of an inning (show emotion, or not show emotion).


Add a Slow-Mo RTTS feature where you can swipe the hand of your RTTS player as a baserunner to avoid a tag mid-slide. "Swim move." Not something you can do with every slide. 1/100 (1%) of slide attempts? The percentage increases as baserunning stats increase? Is Max being 10%?


Add a Slow-Mo RTTS and the offline exclusive feature where you can dive into the stands or over short walls to catch a foul ball or home run ball. Red Sox (Fenway Park) bullpen in right-center field, Red Sox right field corner, Angels (Angel Stadium) left field corner, Rays (Tropicana Field) left field corner, and all other short walls. Even MiLB walls? This would only be available on plays that are actually close. Increased chance of injury to the player; in RTTS 4x defensive points earned for making the catch.


Add an offline mode where you can create a team, including the much-anticipated Create-A-Stadium, stadium location, team name, uniform, and much more. Replace a current MLB team with your own. Can play for this team in RTTS, use it in Franchise? Create a stadium for the minor league team?


Add an option when creating a franchise to have "flexible" trading. The user will have the ability to use more than 3 players in a trade. I wish the trading was more realistic which is why I want this feature. In the future, SDS could add salary into trades, among other things. What other things do you Franchise players wish was available for you in Franchise?


Umpire mode. Create your own umpire. Umpire behind home plate, at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. Can manually move your umpire pre-pitch according to defensive shifts and base runners like how you can move your fielder in RTTS. The location you umpire changes on a game-to-game basis. Start off as a minor league umpire and work your way to the big leagues. Eventually become a crew chief. Efficient play calling will increase your ability to become a crew chief. Let's say crew chiefs can review challenged calls and overturn or uphold the call (which isn't exactly realistic, but it would be fun) Calls you to make can be overturned by replay if it is challenged. Include Slow-Mo during some plays so the user can see what happens, add options to chose from. Maybe make the Slow-Mo feature a manual option like pressing R2 when batting.




Add an option to RTTS, or an entirely new mode where you can start playing the career of a current player in the Majors. EX: Play as Josh Donaldson or Bryce Harper and choose what contracts to sign, trades to veto if possible, etc. The same concept as RTTS, except you, play as a current player and build on their career.


Ability to use the salary earned in RTTS to deck out your player: buy RTTS exclusive equipment (create RTTS exclusive equipment) Buy clothes used in cut-scenes, off-field interactions and cutscenes with other players/teammates, and more.


Add a way to participate in the 60-yard dash during the showcase performance in RTTS instead of simulating it. I would like something similar to the 40-yard dash in Madden 10 or Madden 11 where you use the analog sticks to run.



Create-A-Cage. Create a batting cage or batting facility to practice in during the RTTS season when you are playing home games, during the off-season, or where you can rehab during injury recovery. This is a really random idea.


Diamond Dynasty


Create and save different uniform presets with different logos and different team colors, names, etc. It would make it easier to change between team names and uniforms instead of having to manually do it every time you want to change this stuff.


Create and save different DD lineups. Could create preset lineups: 1 for Ranked, 1 for Conquest, 1 for Play vs CPU. When hovering over the large, square lineup box that shows your current lineup, add an option to press L2 or R2 to cycle through the different saved lineups.


In Events, save the lineup that the user originally chose when reentering instead of making them manually reenter every player for every reentry. The user can change whatever they want to before reentering the event.


Add a "Squad Practice" mode to Diamond Dynasty to try out a lineup instead of going into Ranked, Play vs CPU, etc. to test a lineup. In this mode, have the ability to create a custom opposing lineup of all available (discovered) cards in the game to play against.


Sleeve logos for Diamond Dynasty jerseys.


Add an option where users can view all sellable cards that they own on the marketplace. Let's say I own Mike Trout, Nelson Cruz, Mike Zunino, and Marucio Cabrera. Diamond, Gold, Silver, Common. All on different teams. I can choose this "option" to see all the sellable cards that I have in my inventory in the current marketplace. Include equipment, autographs, etc.?


Online umpire challenges to Diamond Dynasty, Online Rated, and Online Franchise. I know this would be extremely difficult for SDS to implement, but it's a thought (that I'm sure they already have.)

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