How to Easy Make 150M-200M Mesos?

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If you are new, create a character of every class to try it out and level each of them to around level 82. Otherwise, create DKs and set charge as the only active skill to allow for I-frames, preferably with an epic spear, which saves you on pots. Between level 30-60, you can also save on pots my leaving your attack skills at lv.1. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: TB with Tidal Crash would also work well, though you might need to leave it at lv.1 to save on pot). Auto-quest to get powders and use them to upgrade epic items you got from loot. If you don't have any epic items, save enough to snipe a cheap one from the trade station. Remember to focus on a single piece of gear and don't waste any powder elsewhere, even when you get hold of some better gear. There isn't much room for mistakes with alts. Advice regarding pricing and equipment selection are variable because of the recent Cygnus update and the current inflation. But here's an example, based on observations on Zenith NA before the update:



Doesn't really matter, but Jaihin are usually the top choice. Lv.1 epics go for around 1.5M-2.5M and maxed epics go for around 35M-45M. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: Since everyone wants to fuse new weapons right now, a maxed level weapon of any type will worth more, so refer to the market for current prices. And of course, new weapon types will always worth more as updates come, due to scarcity. Right now some can even be sold with twice the price of old weapon types)



Good to go for shoulders and capes since they are used by every class and sell a bit faster. Belts can be too, but because of immortals, the price is somewhat lower. Class-specific equips are also fine, as long as you choose a new/popular class, which sometimes sell for slightly more but are bought slower. Lv.1 epics go for around 500k-1M and lv.15s are around 25M-35M. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: From my observation, the prices remain around the same, maybe slightly higher, since no new armors with this update and people have been stocking up old equips, hoping for some inflation. If they are priced right, though, they do sell faster for the time being)



These prices do not just scale up if they are unique quality or higher, some types of equipment are worth double compared to the rest (e.g. noble shoulders), so be mindful of that. Completely use up all resources on your alts and delete them ASAP. With the current 7 character slots per server per account, the first character you delete should be ready for a new alt after a week if you are doing one alt per day.


After farming and selling equipment created from about 4-5 alts, you should have in your bank about 150M-200M, as long as you didn't spend too much elsewhere, which opens the door for the other mesos making methods. This method is very well documented and should be known by most players by now, boring. However, this is still the recommended method for new f2p players to gain their first pot of gold.

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