How to Farm Mesos Fast in MapleStory M

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MapleStory M is a side-scrolling MMORPG, based on the MapleStory franchise. Play MapleStory M on your mobile devices & get ready to smash some Slimes! Here's a brief guide on how to farm mesos fast in MapleStory M. Players can buy MapleStory M Mesos at It's fast and you no longer have to go through tricky free market maneuvers or grind quests or bosses.


Farm mesos at Sky Terrace 2

This seems to be the no.1 spot at the moment. Sky Terrace 2 is filled with Toy Trojans that are level 150, and are clearly meant for higher level players. That said, they aren't tough to kill, so you will find plenty of level 90 and above farming mesos there.

You can access it by going to the Star Force Field (110) which is the hardest star force field right now. Once you've reached that field, enter the portal on your right. You will reach Sky Terrace 2. No teleport rock needed.

If you play solo, you should get about 200 mesos per kill. It decreases in a party depending on how many members there are.

These Toy Trojans also give an average EXP of around 1,400 which is good enough considering your objective is to earn more mesos.

You will also notice more people creating accounts with weird names simply for meso farming, and they probably sell them at some third party site. Do be warned that buying mesos is a risk and some players have been banned.

If you're a free-to-play (F2P) player in MapleStory, this map is probably the best right now. You can also check out the neighboring maps like Cloud Terrace. The mobs also drops good amounts of mesos.

Apart from these places, mini dungeons also give comparatively better amounts of mesos and you can earn quite a bit in a short time. That said, entrance is limited to tickets and the mobs don't give good EXP.


Sky Terrace 2


Sell items at the Trade Station

You can sell all kinds of equipment and consumables in the Trade Station. Even some cash items can be sold to other players (e.g. Muse Concert and Mounts).

If you have an equipment with perfect stats, you can sell it for a much higher price compared to those with regular stats. For e.g. I bought an epic claw for over 4 million mesos and it's only like 100k for regular epic claws.

If you have an emblem equipment, you can probably sell it for over 100 million. They are pretty rare at the moment and you can get it either by buying the treasure box that requires cash, or fusing two of the same equipment with max levels. Your chances of getting an emblem by fusing is also pretty low.

Additionally, if you wish to have more slots to sell items, it requires cash as well, i.e. 70 diamonds per additional slot.


Buy Cash items and sell them (for P2P players)

Following the previous point, you can buy cash items and sell them on the Trade Station. Of course, this doesn't apply to F2P players.

At the time of writing, some of the items are pretty hot, like the Muse set which is obtainable by buying the Royal Style coupon. Do be warned that you have a good chance of getting just normal cash items even if you buy the Royal Style coupon. It depends on your luck.

Each piece of the Muse set can probably be sold for around 10 million mesos or more. Of course, you can buy the 10 + 1 treasure box that guarantees a unique equipment.

They recently released a random damage skin box as well, which gives you a fancy damage skin. Those are sold over 10 million mesos in the Trade Station. The prices vary according to different worlds.

If you're willing to spend real money on this game, then it's pretty easy to earn mesos. That pretty much goes without saying.


Sell off your useless items using the inventory

For items that are useless, especially those with normal rarity, you can just dispose them off using the "sell" button in the inventory.

You should get about 800 mesos per equipment. It's not much at all, but it's better than trying to sell them on the Trade Station since people are unlikely to buy.

Get rid of them by selling or maybe by extracting if you don't need the mesos. Discarding them is a waste.


Gather epic equipment from Elite Dungeons and sell them for mesos

Next, you can also gain epic equipment if you complete the Elite Dungeon.

You get three free tickets for the Elite Dungeon every day plus another ticket if you complete all three. Keep doing to get at least 4 different epic equipment a day.

If you manage to get a perfect stats equipment, you can sell it for a lot of mesos in the Trade Station.


Finish up your quests

Last but not least, you can get mesos from quests, and about 50k mesos per quest when you're around level 112.

Having said that, most people would definitely finish up their quests mainly for the EXP and refining powders, especially at levels 100 and above.

Location Levels Number of Total Quests Reward
Henesys A 9-18 18 Meso x50000
Ellinia A 18-30 24 Meso x55000
Kerning City A 30-45 30 Meso x60000
Nautilus A 44-55 40 Meso x80000
Perion A 55-63 46 Meso x100000
Ellinia B 63-68 20 Meso x120000
Kerning City B 68-73 27 Meso x150000
Perion B 73-78 27 Meso x180000
Sleepywood A 78-87 51 Meso x230000
Orbis A 87-94 72 Meso x280000
El Nath A 95-99 45 Meso x340000
Ariant A 99-108 83 Meso x420000
Zenumist Laboratory A 108-116 50 Meso x500000
Leafre A 116-120 10 Meso x620000
Leafre B 121-128 22 Meso x650000
Dragon Canyon A 128-140 36 Meso x700000
Ludibrium A 140-149 29 Meso x750000
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