How to Farming WOW Classic Gold - Coordinates & Grinding & Location

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Within this chapter, U4GM WOW Classic Gold Team will be covering the basics and some more advanced sides of farming. Most of this is for higher-level characters as it is much easier to run around the world and farm at max level versus any time before that point.


Non-Instance Farming
It's time to trek the globe in search of treasure and glory as we move on to farming the overworld. This includes hunting specific groups of mobs and slaying them for their loot so that you can turn your time played into gold for whatever your heart desires. Keep in mind that the listed Coordinates are for that specific zone.


How to Farming WOW Classic Gold - Coordinates & Grinding & Location

Azeroth - The Barrens (levels 14-23)

Map Coordinates: 55,42. 46, 39. 44,22.
Grinding List: Centaurs, Turtles, Raptors
Location: For lower-level members of the Horde tries your hand in barrens. Many mobs spawn near the oasis of the area and make for high farming with the turtles and humanoids surrounding them. Humanoids have a 34% drop rate on their cloth pieces, and the turtles are great for any skinner to raise their skill from.


Westfall (levels 15-20)

Map Coordinates: 43,69.
Grinding List: Defias Pillagers, Defias Looters, Carrion Birds
Location: For lower level alliance characters Moonbrook located in southwestern Westfall is wonderful to farm as cloth drops a lot, and so does some silver. These mobs of Defias casters and looters are easy kills around levels 20 so you should be able to harvest their cloth pieces quickly and turn it into gold. The cloth drop rate here is about 40%, and humanoids always drop some silver which makes this a prime location to farm/grind for lower levels.


Wetlands (levels 23-32), Badlands (levels 40-50)

Map Coordinates: Westlands; 68,45. Badlands; 80, 52.
Grinding List: Crimson and Flamesnorting Whelps (Wetlands), Black Whelps (Badlands)
Location: Whelps are always a reliable target for any daring adventurer. There is, notably, a couple of areas that drop their Whelpling counterparts, a small pet that follows you around. At level 24 you can start farming the crimson and Flamesnorting whelps located in wetlands near Dun Modr. At later levels, you can farm the scalding whelps located in badlands. Each of the whelpling they drop average for selling around 100 gold and they are all Skinable. Whelpling drop rates are roughly 2% each from both types of whelps. This dragonkin also drop money and are easy kills for anyone looking to grind/farm.


Stranglethorn Vale (levels 30-45)

Map Coordinates: 42, 35. 32, 69. 

Grinding List: Mistvale Gorillas, Skullsplitter Trolls

Epic /Expected Drops: Staff of Jordan, Dazzling Longsword, Mageweave.
Location: The Skullspliter troll tribe and the Mistvale Gorillas here should be your target so make sure you are at least level 40 or have a partner to group with for hunting. Staffs of Jordan and Dazzling Longsword each have about a 0.5% drop rate and these groups of mobs also drop a host of blues from time to time. Other items of interest here are the cloth from the humanoids and the gorilla fangs from the misty vales.


Felwood (levels 52-60)

Map Coordinates: 40, 80.
Grinding List: Furbolg Tribes other than Timbermaw
Reputation Target: Timbermaw Hold Expected
Drops: Runecloth
Location: One of your first late level experiences with reputation farming will be in Felwood with Timbermaw Hold. Hunt down the other Furbolg tribes in the area and complete the quests from Timbermaw in the northern section of the zone as they become available. This reputation will need to be raised to gain accessible entrance into Winterspring and Moonglade. Also in Felwood are Angerclaw Maulers, these respawn fairly quick, and you should have no trouble mowing down groups of them for some quick cash and cloth (33% drop rate).


Feralas (levels 44-50)

Map Coordinates: 70, 62.
Grinding List: Bears, Wolves Epic
Drops: Boots of Avoidance
Location: Near the Writhing Deep, Below the Woodpaw Gnoll camps, you will find a lot of bears and wolves roaming around. Not many people farm or grind here so you should see it quite peaceful, but the enemies are closely packed and adds can be a problem. Boots of Avoidance have a 0.3% drop rate here, but selling for 200 Gold they are definitely worth your time. There is also a healthy host of green items and a good variety of vendor trash here, making this an excellent place to grind and farm at the same time.


Tanaris (levels 46-50)

Map Coordinates: 40, 54. 46, 64. 40, 72.
Grinding List: Dunemaul Ogres
Expected Drops: Mageweave
Location: Southmoon Ruins, Eastmoon Ruins, and Dunemaul Compound are all fantastic spots to find and hunt Dunemaul Ogres. These ogres are easy kills but provide a good mix of caster and melee opponents, make sure to keep an eye out for any adds. Every second to the third kill you should have at least three Mageweave cloth drop, this high drop rate allows the cloth to stack very fast, so make sure your bags will have enough room. If you are on a PvP server also keep an eye out for members of the opposite faction as these places are well known for grinding experience within this level bracket.


Winterspring (levels 55-60)


Map Coordinates: 67, 41.
Grinding List: Yetis
Expected Drops: Stockade Pauldrons
Location: Winterspring is a snowy playground for those of higher strength, full of adventure and a couple of solid places to farm. There is a yeti cave above Everlook in Winterspring, you will notice it from the road heading left from Everlook, yetis are everywhere. There is a 3% drop rate for blue items and even some epics such as Stockade Pauldrons (1% drop rate on epics). These yetis are also nice for a skinner and have a solid profit margin for using your time to hunt them down. For herbalists, a Black Lotus spawns outside of the yeti cave quite often, more so than other places. All classes should find this area quite fun, but classes like warlocks and hunters will be able to kill faster and more efficiently, thus getting the better side of any drops in this area.

Map Coordinates: 51, 42.
Grinding List: Wailing Highbourne
Quests Needed: The Ruins of Kel’Thril
Location: Wailing Highbourne is another mob for hunting. There is a quest in Everlook you can pick up to gather things from the Ruins of Kel’Thril when you use your pick to mine the quest item a couple of mobs automatically agro on you. Simply do not pick up the quest items after mining and keep killing the Highbourne here in rapid succession. They drop a lot of runecloth and a healthy selection of greens and blues. Paladins will have a blast going up against the undead here and should tear through this area very fast, and all others should act like they are fighting humanoids and enjoy themselves on this fast respawn rate and easy kills.

Map Coordinates: 49, 10.
Reputation Target: Wintersaber Trainers
Location: There is a Special Frostsaber mount player of the alliance can obtain in Winterspring. Rivern Frostwind is the vendor you will purchase this mount from, but you have to be exalted with him before you may buy it. Becoming exalted with the Wintersaber Trainers faction requires a lot of work, and you must be level 58 before you can even attempt the faction quests. Humans will have a much easier time with this quest because of their 10% reputation boost, raising your faction can take anywhere from one week to a month so be prepared to put some time in for this one of a kind mount. The following link is an excellent resource for those looking into this faction.

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