How to Make Stubs Best in MLB The Show 18?

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Everybody wants to know how to make the most stubs possible in MLB The Show. Today, U4gm give you the best methods on how to do it! The data is from twinfinite to share with U4gm users, we paste it here. U4gm is a trustworthy seller. U4gm mainly offers service for selling MLB The Show 18 Stubs. We do our best to provide the best service and help you solve your problems with the game so that you can enjoy MLB The Show 18 thoroughly.



How to Make Stubs Best in MLB The Show 18?


Step 1: You Need to Have Stubs to Make Stubs, So Get Some


So you want to learn how to get stubs? Like in real life with money, you need stubs first to get stubs in MLB The Show 18. You need something to invest before you can start getting some returns. Don't go spending your stubs as soon as you get it otherwise you're going to be on a hamster wheel forever, constantly grinding for stubs. You can put your stubs to work for you and that's what we're going to show how to do it.


To start though, just enjoy the game. Play whatever game modes you enjoy the most. Whether that's playing battle royale, working on some program challenges that reward you with players and stubs, or just getting your RTTS career going; just play the game for fun. Reap the free card bonuses that come with completing games, and if you get very lucky, you might pull a rare card worth something on the community market to jump start your stub making process.


What's important is that you are saving until you have a big pot and not wasting it right away on stuff that you have your eye on. Not yet anyway.


Step 2: Don't Gamble on Packs


A supplement to step 1 for learning how to get stubs is not buying packs, as tempting as they might be. Following this guide is guaranteed to slowly, over time, make you stubs so that way you have enough to get the players you want off of the community market without having to always grind out a program or pull a card.


Yes, if you buy a pack and get a diamond card, you are set AF. Sell that, make a ton of stubs, and continue along with our guide. Or use it if you really want, although we would recommend selling your first big card to fill out the rest of your lineup unless it's literally your dream card or something like Mike Trout that you'd be working towards anyway.


However, a lot of the time, you're going to be grinding your way to enough stubs to buy a pack, get absolutely garbage from the pack,  and you're going to feel bad about the time you wasted. It's not unlike gambling at the casino or, for a 2017-2018 reference for you, investing in crypto. You might end up with a lambo, but more likely than not, you're going to end up broke.


If you must: If you're an adult with self control that can afford to drop five bucks here and there for fun, go for it. Or ask for some PlayStation Network cash as a gift. Even then, you're probably throwing away cash, just save yourself from the misery of bad packs until you literally have nothing else you want off the community market.


Now that you know how to not lose stubs, let's start talking about how to get stubs.


Step 3: Become Best Friends With the Community Market Board


Go into Diamond Dynasty and start playing around with the market board. Write down or remember the usual going prices for cards that you are aiming for, players that are really popular and are in high demand, and players that you have that you can sell.


Like the stock market, with the prices of these cards we're talking about ebb and flow. If you see a Buy Now option on a card that's way lower than what it's usually going for, grab it right away and flip it for a higher price. Be patient. If you wait long enough, someone will buy your card as long as it's not outrageously priced. Or if you got a great deal on a great player, just keep it and use it!


If you get a super popular player from a pack, instead of keeping them, sell them because they are usually overpriced when compared players of similar ratings, but not as well-known or popular. You can take advantage of popularity to make stubs off of less shrewd and impatient gamers.


Like we mentioned earlier, if you happen to get lucky and pull a diamond card somehow, somewhere, I'm personally a fan of shipping them out for serious stubs to fill out other positions, at least early on, but if you want to have a big name power pitcher or hitter in your lineup/rotation, go for it.


The biggest takeaway though to be stingy, and be patient. Don't settle for bad Buy Now prices, and try to hustle your fellow gamers.


Step 4: Find Sleepers, Be Patient and Set Your Own Terms


Learning how to get stubs is more than just manipulating the market. Just like a fantasy baseball draft that you might participate in through Yahoo or ESPN, you can take advantage of sleeper cards that you think will grow in value/rating over the season. Imagine latching onto Aaron Judge or any one of the other breakout stars from last season? Use your baseball knowledge to try and grab some cheap cards that 

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