How To Play Pokemon Go On The Apple Watch

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Pokemon Go has finally launched for that Apple Watch, bringing the most important mobile hit of 2016 to your tiny screen that straps for your wrist. So now the question remains: How do you have fun playing the game on your own watch?

The Apple Watch is defined as an iPhone which has a screen that's an inch square. So regarding power, it's actually not really surprising which the thing can run mobile games like Pokemon Go. If you've ever played Pokemon Go, though, then you know which the game derives passion for a lot of screen real estate property, that is on a standard-sized smartphone. Thankfully, the developers at Niantic did some optimizing with the Apple Watch's tiny screen, meaning you may enjoy pretty much everything Pokemon Go is offering without needing to grab your phone constantly.

Youtube user Lachlan has created a rundown of the stuff Pokemon Go with the Apple Watch, including how you can actually have fun playing the game.
How to locate Pokemon

When playing Pokemon Go over a smartphone, you must constantly stare your mobile device include Pokemon are nearby. With this watch app, you can see which Pokemon are nearby instantly, using the closest pocket-sized monsters aligned on the screen. The watch app actually treats your Poke-walks as workouts, telling you how far you've gone and just how many calories you've burned in the process. If you get close to some Pokemon, however, this wrist watch app will notify you of what's lurking nearby. If it's something you wish to catch, you're ready to get to work.
How to capture Pokemon

One in the game's main functions, claiming items at PokeStops, is definitely programmed to the new watch app. When you get near a PokeStop, the app will notify and, similar to on the smartphone, you'll be able to spin the icon to seize loot. What you may't do directly from this wrist watch, however, will be catch the Pokemon. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch just wouldn't work well for spinning and chucking Pokeballs hoping of adding a fresh Pokemon for your collection. If you happen to be near a Pokemon you intend to catch, you must pull out your phone and undergo those familiar motions of flicking the screen. We sort of wish a whole new mini-game ended up created for catching Pokemon to produce this process possible on the wrist watch, but we suppose that makes the game "unfair" in the event the one function that really needs a bit of skill differs between platforms.
How to hatch eggs

Finally, there's hatching eggs. Thankfully, it is another function from Pokemon Go that works well just fine without your phone. Hatching eggs inside core game simply requires someone to walk. So when you use the phone, if you have an egg incubating, this watch will notify you when an egg is getting ready to hatch. When you do, you may check out what new Pokemon has hatched by providing the screen a gander.

You can look at all of Lachlan's video below.

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