Kritika Online Open Beta Will Kick Off On June 29

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Kritika is an action-packed hack-and-slash MMORPG online game in which players can force full characters. It's a very powerful effect skill Skill. And the props that keep the mood of the game are always in the gameplay. The gameplay is similar to the previous Dragon Nest game. Into the dungeon Clear various quests to improve character level.



Currently there are two versions of Kritika, one is Kritika Online (PC) as a progenitor and the second is Kritika: The White Knights, a standalone mobile game for Android/iOS. Break your limit and awaken your character to keep challenging thousands of players anytime from PvE leader-boards to PvP itself.


Although the graphics of the game is not pretty like today's big games, but it looks beautiful. Animation of the character is slippery nature. The design of the NPC image each game is considered to look very good, and also has a cut screen scene. 


As for the characters, players can now choose to play 4 characters. The 4 classes are Warrior, Rogue, Gunmage and Scyther. When level up to 15, these classes can be changed to the next advanced class again.


The player-driven publisher of Kritika Online, En Masse Entertainment has launched a Cloesd Beta for the game. Recently, they announced that the Kritika Online Open Beta will begin on Thursday, June 29, at 9 a.m. PDT while the Founder Pack owners will get two days early.


Moreover, Kritika Online showed "Kritika Online: Closed Beta By the Numbers", an infographic including a report card of players' progress during Closed Beta as well as some other fun stats.


Check out the following whole statistics below. 



It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for the upgrade game. However, you can buy Kritika gold cheap and reliable Kritika power leveling on U4GM if you don't have enough time to make money.

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Kritika Online Will Be Available In North America and Europe

Seattle, March 10, 2017 - En Masse Entertainment from the spring of this year, will fashion animation MMORPG Kritika Online to North America and Europe. Created by Korean developer Allm, Kritika Online is a major event that revolves around rapid exploration and intense fighting, with a very unique role. Kritika Online will be tested in Beta in May and will be released later this year. Players can sign up now to close Beta.

Kritika Provides Fans With A Unique Pick-up-and-play Experience

Kritika is an action-heavy experience built around rapid questing and intense combat, featuring a highly unique set of characters. Featuring a unique cel-shaded art style, over-the-top animations, and a fast-paced combo system, Kritika provides MMORPG fans with a unique pick-up-and-play experience, with intense episodic gaming sessions, punctuated by high-flying action in a unique gaming universe.

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