Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos: The Definitive Guide to Phase 2

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The Abyss Raid Argos Phase 1 guide has been described earlier, In the following guide, discover what you will face in the battle against Argos and the mechanics of the different phases. Each one has its differences and some mechanics are somewhat complicated. Here is a guide to Abyss Raid Argos phase 2, Find everything you need to know to defeat argos here.



Stage 1 & 3 – Normal Attacks Stage 2 – Mini-Boss Beorix* Stage 2 – Communication & Mechanics Stage 4 – Mini-Boss Tarbos* Stage 5 – Final







Phase 2: Item Level 1385

In phase 2, there are significant changes. As in Phase 1, each group will be assigned the Sun or Moon glyph, but in Phase 2, the glyph will not change at any time. If you started as a Moon or Sun group, you would remain in that group until the end. It is recommended that both groups carry HP Potions, the Sun group Destruction Bombs, and the Moon group Whirlwind Grenade.

This phase is divided into five stages:

  • All eight players together fight against the Argos.
  • The Sol group is moved to another room to face the mini-boss Beatrix.
  • Upon defeating the mini-boss, they return to Argos, and all eight players fight together for a short time.
  • The moon group moves towards the mini-boss Turbos.
  • Upon defeating the mini-boss, they move to Argos again, and eight players fight together until the end.

At the start of the battle, the Luna party will need to deal as much damage as possible with awakening and high-damage abilities to get to the next stage quickly. The sun group should deal normal damage and save the Sun mini-bosses high damage/awaken abilities.

Most of Argos's attacks are the same as stage 1, with some improved stats that make them a bit stronger.



Stage 1 & 3 – Normal Attacks


Slow Charge

Charge forward slowly, turn around and repeat up to 3 times.


Fast Charge

Disappear and charge into 3-4 aggro targets. The range is wide, and the attack is fast, so it is difficult to dodge to the sides. The best option is to move back in the direction of the charge.


Big Jump & Shock Wave

He jumps, and when he lands, he generates an outward shock wave, inflicting an earthquake to the outer point of the damage zone. Get close to the boss to dodge the shockwave.


To be

He hits the ground several times, summoning a rift around him, and detonates it after a certain amount of time. It deals a lot of damage, so keep an eye on the ground to avoid it.



Two cross-shaped cracks appear and explode.

After stage 2, the ground rifts fired in a straight line come back and explode.


Charge & Shock Wave

After stage 2, charge forward and generate a shockwave.



After stage 2 generates a shockwave on the ground and a circular attack on all nearby characters. Move away from the circle so as not to take damage from any of them as they deal a lot of damage. The circle explodes after a certain amount of time.




After the 2nd stage, a vertical line appears on nearby characters, and a series of rocks will fall on them. Please don't stand still, constantly move to avoid them, and stay away from other participants, so they don't take damage.


Solar/Moon Explosion

Raise your legs and hit the ground generating an explosion in the center or outside of the circle. Look at the color of Lost Ark Argos. If it is Sun, the explosion will be in the center. If it is Moon, it will be outside. On the next explosion, the order is reversed. If Solar Blast dealt damage in the center, then it deals damage on the outside; the next, it will explode again in the center, and so on.

If the boss is neutralized, the order will reset and start with the Sunburst in the center and the Moonburst outside.

The explosion will be in the center when the Luna group faces Argos in stage 2.

The explosion will be outside when the Sol group faces Argos in stage 4.



Stage 2 – Mini-Boss Beorix*

Let's start with the boss skills. Things get a little complicated when the Sol group is transported to another room to face the boss mino. The boss itself isn't overly complicated, but some important mechanics to keep in mind.


Fluorescent Powder

The room in which the Sol group appears is filled with green lights. Please pay attention to large groups of lights, as they can generate a flash of light and then explode, causing a stun. If you see the green light flash, move away fast.



Beatrix stands still for a moment and charges. Then he turns around and charges once more. 


Tail Stroke

Beatrix crouch down, bend his tail to the side, and you will see an orb of green light on it. The boss spins around quickly and slams his tail in front of him. In berserker mode, it hits in a wide frontal area.



Double Scratch

Move forward and scratch twice.


Back Blast

Create an orb on the tail, hit the rear with the tail once, and turn the head back.



Raise your head and hit the forehead once. In Berserker mode, it becomes a wide-area attack that hits the entire area.



Destruction of Parts

When certain damage is dealt with the boss, you will see a crosshair mark appear somewhere on the boss's body. It would help if you destroyed that target, and the time to do so is relatively short. This is the time to use the Destruction Bombs.

Destroying the marked part will cause an explosion of green light, and you may be stunned, be careful.




If they fail to destroy the marked part multiple times or when the boss reaches 15-10% health, it will go into Berserker state. He will absorb the green lights from the arena and increase the power of his attacks.



Stage 2 – Communication & Mechanics

This is the most complicated part of the second stage. It will require communication between the two teams, now divided. A member of the Sol group should be in charge of this task and have communicated with the Luna team.

Argos will fire a laser upward every so often during the second stage.

Being in two separate locations, only the Moon group will see the laser, and you will need to notify the designated member of the Sun group.

When the assigned Sun party member receives confirmation that Argos started the Laser mechanic, they should move to the top left of the arena and look down. There he will see one of the patterns that will be listed below. The pattern will only be seen from above, so the Luna party won't tell which mechanic will come next without the Sun party member's notice. Depending on the pattern that appears, the Sun group or the Moon group must act in a certain way to be eliminated.

There is a certain amount of time to complete the required action, and members of the Luna party will be able to see it in the progress bar that will appear under Argos.


Blue Arrow

The blue arrow can point upright, up left, downright, or down left. The direction indicates the position in which the Luna group must face Argos.

The Luna group must be given notice and located in the indicated position, since after 15 seconds, arrows will rain down on the entire arena, except in the position indicated by the arrow, and they will kill all those who are not in position.


Orb of Light

If the Orb of Light appears, the Moon group doesn't have to do anything in particular, but the Sun group has to fight the mini-boss in the center of the arena.

After a certain time, the Orb of light will fall in the center of the arena where the Sol group fights, and if everyone is in the center, they will survive.


Orb Collection

The Luna group must collect the Orbs that will appear around Argos. If the Luna group collects enough orbs, they will avoid being eliminated.

Each member of the Luna group must collect two orbs. There are 8 in total. It's best to bring Argos to the center, as if you fail to collect an orb, Argos will jump up and deal massive damage when he lands.



Magic Circles

In the arena of the Moon group, four marks on the ground with the Sun glyph will appear at opposite points. The members of the Moon group must separate and observe the circles, and when they change from Sun to Moon, a player must enter and accumulate a mark.


Upon collecting ten marks, they must attack Argos to transfer them to him and get rid of them. If they accumulate enough marks and transfer them to Argos, they will survive.


Central Magic Circle

The Luna group has to position themselves on the arena's edges to fight.


Cracks in the ground will appear in the center of the arena and deal high damage.


Outer Magic Circle

The Luna group has to be located in the center of the arena to fight.


Cracks will appear in the ground outside the center of the arena and deal high damage.



Stage 4 – Mini-Boss Tarbos*

In this stage, the Sun group will face Argos, and the Moon group will be teleported to another arena to face the mini-boss Turbos. The Luna group will have 1 minute 30 seconds to reduce Tarbos health bar by at least 30%. If you are from the Moon group, make sure to save your Awakening for this 4th stage.

If they fail, a message will appear, and a few seconds later, all members of one of the groups will die.

Pillars spawn in this arena that will constantly apply a movement speed reduction debuff to all party members. You can remove the debuff with some skill. You can break the pillars or ignore them. The most important mechanics of Tarbos are Tarbos Rift, Rain of Stones, and Magic Pillars.


Turbos Rift

When enough damage is dealt with him, Tarbos will disappear, and Tarbos Rift* will appear, who will not take much damage until his bonus gauge is gone. He will drop quickly when this gauge is gone, and Tarbos will reappear immobilized. Take advantage of this moment to generate as much damage as possible.



Rain of Stones

Four magic circles will appear in the arena, and a party member must occupy each. Assign the positions in advance so as not to waste time, since if one of the members does not manage to reach their circle within a few seconds, the entire group will take massive damage.


Magic Pillars

Turbos will summon two pillars within his magic circle. These pillars emit a shock wave around them and can immobilize you. Turbos will launch his Tornado attack, and if you are immobilized, you will have a very high chance of being hit and taking very high damage.


Push and Hit

He slams forward and knocks the target several meters, then jumps on top of them and lifts them into the air.



Turbos disappear and reappear in another location. You can see where it is and predict where it will respawn by following the trace of the continuous damage or bleeding indicator that Tarbos receives.



Turbos sink into the ground and charge forward with his stone claw.


Stone Pickaxe

In front of Tarbos, you will see a straight line marked by circles, and then Tarbos will throw his Stone Pickaxe at the marked area.


Stone Barrier

The stones that follow Tarbos begin to spin around him, dealing area damage. This usually happens after Tarbos backs off.


Hand Fan

A fan-shaped area will appear on the ground, move away, or you will take damage and be thrown into the air.



Stage 5 – Final

Upon defeating Tarbos, the party must transport back to Argos from the center of the arena. The two groups face Argos again, and it shouldn't take them more than 3-4 minutes to finish him off.


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