Lost Ark: The complete guide to all omnium stars location

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Omnium Stars are one of the most tedious collectibles in Lost Ark, and most players don't even know how to get them.



Omnium Stars are one of the most recent collectibles unlocked in Lost Ark. . Throughout the leveling process, players can collect mokoko seeds, masterpieces, and even giant hearts if they choose. But Omnium Stars can't collect even one without completing Punica and reaching item level 3. And in the same vein, they are also the most suitable tier 3 collectible since they are difficult to obtain individually.

So let's see how exactly the player should get each of the six different Omnium Stars in Lost Ark and the rewards for each.



Lost Ark Guide: All Omnium Star Locations

For the most part, all Omnium Stars in the game are related to each other to Punica in some way, shape, or form. The only one that doesn't have much to do with it is Anguished Isle, but even that has something to do with the lore. As such, it's best to set the Bifrost slot in Punika or Portal Stone while hunting them, as the NPC that trades in these items is Albion, a literal Guardian like Argos who sits next to Nia#39. ;s Residence in Punic.


Name Location Explanation
All Star #1 Punika Quest "The Whispering Star"  This quest actually takes a while to get to. First, players must play through the main story of Punica. Then they need to wait for the quest Where Memories Begin. appear above NPC Kala's head (in Nya's office). After that, they must follow this chain of quests until they get to the Berwer's Friend Registry Quest. Once this is completed, Nia should give out "Trace of Light". quest line, of which Whispering Star is the final step.
All Star #2 Punica Una's task "Pond of Purification" To do this, you need to get the title of "Honorary Member of the Militia" Reputation to a maximum level of 3, which requires completing the "Pond of Purification" Oona's Quest 7 times, and then completing the "Heaps of Madness on the Altar" quest 14 times.
All Star #3 Bring the Punica Matriarch, Nya, to the stage of mutual understanding quot ;Reliable Mutual understanding Punika requires a lot of effort, as each of them gains a large amount of mutual understanding points in order to get into the list of "Reliable" scene. Nia specifically requires around 57,800 rapport to get this Omnium star, as well as a charisma potion.
Omnium Star # 4 Exchange 8016 Sun Coins for an underwater fish hunter's guild ship outside of Punica This ship is not always outside of Punica, but it is there most of the time. Either wait for an event that gives chests of choice of sailing coins, or complete quests on different islands of adventure that reward them.
Omnium Star #5 Random Number Generator "Expected Rewards" Drop from Field Boss Moak on Punic Moake is the hardest field boss in the Lost Ark by far, and can't really be damaged by anyone under 1340. Even at ilvl 1340, it usually requires a well-placed critical hit and a dark grenade. As such, it can take a while, especially if the Channel fighting Moake isn't careful about resetting.
All Star #6 RNG Drop from Boss of Anguished Isle's Garden of Despair, Stella There is a quest on the Anguished Isle that can be completed once a day for the "Garden of Despair" A key that unlocks access to this dungeon. For completing this dungeon, you will receive a large piece of crimson yarn, the currency used by the merchant on this island. But the really important factor is that the Dungeon Boss, Stella, can randomly drop either an Island Soul or this Omnium Star when she is defeated.



Rewards For Each Star

The rewards for every Omnium Star you collect are all worth the time, more than many other activities in Lost Ark, such as PvP (currently). For example, collecting mokoko seeds can be fun, but usually, the reward isn't worth the time spent on each reward tier. Here is an overview of all the prizes for Omnium Stars and a brief explanation of which ones are worth rushing for and which ones are not.


Reward Explanation
Stat Boost Potion A very simple reward for the first Omnium star. Simply gives the player +5 to their primary Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence stats.
Major Skill Point Potion The reason why players should acquire two Omnium Stars as soon as possible. Skill Point Potions are critical to Lost Ark's end game , and Greater Potions are even more in demand.
Overwhelm Epic - Rarity Rune Fantastic for stun-based combat classes like Scrapper, especially since it's epic quality and therefore grants 20% more stun damage to the skill used
Greater Stat Increase Potion An improved version of the Stat Boost Potion, but there aren't many of them in the game. Increases primary stats by +25 instead of +5, so it's more than worth the four Omnium stars required to get it.
Wealth Legendary Rare Rune An extremely useful reward for many classes in the game, as the Bounty Rune is useful for almost every class in Lost Ark. Upon reaching the proficiency, this rune of legendary rarity grants a 40 percent bonus to the Specialty meter, a meter used by all classes to use their identification skills such as Sorceress Blink or Artillery Volley.
Greater Skill Point Potion Additional bonus for completing all the Omnium Stars, but not really obtainable in any quick way. Take your time with this one like the one that is rewarded with two Omnium stars.


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