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A strategy Conquest Extreme guide to help you get the toughest 10-pack of your life in 12 turns or less. It is possible to conquer the NL Central + AL West + All Strongholds in 12 turns, but that's a bit more difficult than this method. My method is designed to limit the need for restarts past turn 3 and should get all strongholds in about 10 to 11 turns. This method is one of many, and there are a ton of other resources and other means out there to help you through this potentially tough and long grind. I'll say here that my method requires steals on Legend difficulty for the first turn and HOF difficulty for the next with the option to play on Legend. If you cannot do well on vs. CPU games on Hall of Fame and above, you can expect a tougher journey with very very little room for error.


Turn 1


Recommended Steal: None.


You'll have five fans+one stronghold at the beginning of this mode, which means we'll be able to move five spaces. Like I said earlier, we'll be grabbing the AL West en route to conquering all strongholds. With that in mind, we'll want to begin heading down to the Texas Rangers stronghold. Before we get there, however, we'll be making a stop at Kansas City to face the Royals on Turn 1. You'll need to either play or sim one game for control of a hexagon on the board (Heretofore referred to as a 'Hex Game'). I recommend swimming it to save time and restarting if it doesn't go your way.


Your game for control of the KC Stronghold should take place on Hall of Fame. You should have one more move that you'll use to continue down to the Rangers stronghold. I recommend playing out this hex game. It should be 1 to 1, meaning that this game will be played on All-Star. Whenever you win, Congrats! You just began your first step to completing this mode.


Note Every move matters. When you move your first set of fans, make sure you follow the outline I've laid out. This will help you complete the Rockies stronghold in one less move than usual on Turn 3.


Strongholds Taken: KC


Turn 2


Recommended Steal: Houston Astros on Legend.


6 Territories / 3 = 2 Fans + 5 Stolen = 7 Fans on Turn 2.


Continue down the path towards the Rangers. You'll run into one Hex Game, which you'll want to play (on the rookie, I believe), as there's room for one loss on this turn without losing out on any strongholds. If you stole on HoF, you'll need to win every game. Clear out the Arlington stronghold (All-Star?) and continue playing Hex Games til you get to Houston. If you stole on Legend you'll have two shots at this. This game should be significantly less difficult thanks to your steal against the Astros. If you beat them on the first try, you should have one more move to make this turn. You can either try to win another hex game, sim it and hope for the best, or skip to the second Steal Phase of our journey and use the extra territory to bolster your next Attack Phase. I ended up going for a sim and losing. Cest la vie. I'll continue on with this guide as if you won this sim.


Note: You may want to consider coming down to the Rangers stronghold from the Northeast, instead of the Northwest like I have on this path. This will help reduce the number of hexes you need to move on turn 6 by one.


Strongholds Taken: KC, ARL, HOU


Turn 3


Recommended Steal: Colorado Rockies on Hall of Fame


13 Territories / 3 = 4 fans + 4 Stolen = 8 Fans on Turn 3.


You'll be heading to the West Coast in the next couple of turns. We'll take this opportunity to visit Coors Field and take the Colorado Rockies fans by force. Place your fans on the hexagon directly under and to the left of your starting point. You should have two hexes to move before you hit the Rockies stronghold. Make sure you're playing out these Hex Games right now. You'll have the freedom to simulate these in a few turns, but for now, we need all the fans we can get. As with the Astros, this game could potentially take place on Veteran or All-Star thanks to you stealing their fans. Once you defeat the Rox, begin moving up and to the left, towards the Seattle Mariners.


Strongholds Taken: KC, ARL, HOU, COL


Turn 4


Recommended Steal: Oakland Athletics on Hall of Fame


21 Territories / 3 = 7 fans + 4 Stolen = 11 Fans on Turn 4.


Gonna be honest, I never had issues stealing against the Athletics during my runs. Their starting pitching and bullpen are both fairly weak and they don't have great hitters. This is probably going to be the easiest steal you'll play during the early turns. If you're confident, you may want to think about playing this steal on Legend. For the Mariners, you'll continue moving towards them using your stack of fans, taking the free spaces as you go along. You'll need to play at least one Hex Game before hitting their stronghold. Given the large number of fans you have, you should be able to take this one on All-Star. Feign like you're about to go to the Giants stronghold but stop one hex shy before taking a turn to Oakland. We'll come back to the Giants later. Beat up on the poor A's and take their stronghold, which should be on All-Star, depending on how many fans you have left. You'll potentially have a few fans left over, which you should use to make a break for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


Once you've completed this turn, congratulations! It only gets easier from here.


Note: Either this or the next turn should be the one when you notice that your long, continuous line is getting eroded by either active strongholds or teams who are strongholds you've already taken that have incidental stacks of fans in the field. This shouldn't be too much of an issue. You likely won't need to defend any of your strongholds if you continue on as instructed. For the remainder of this guide, I'll be working with estimates of the number of fans. YMMV.


Strongholds Taken: KC, ARL, HOU, COL, SEA, OAK


Turn 5


Recommended Steal: Arizona Diamondbacks on All-Star


30-ish Territories / 3 = 10-ish fans + 3 Stolen = 13-ish Fans on Turn 5.


Now that we're on turn 5, we can begin to take our foot off the gas just a bit. You still want to play your Hex Games, but steals from this point on will be played on All-Star. If you've followed perfectly up to this point, you should be knocking on the Los Angeles Dodgers door. The Doyers have a BUNCH of fans, so you'll want to attack them now before you lose any as you move through the board. Going from the Dodgers THEN Angels takes five moves while going the other way around will use about six. Every move counts in this mode. Make sure you bring a righty-heavy lineup to face the lefty-majority Dodgers pitching rotation. Once done with the Dodgers, move through the Angels, once again playing the Hex Games. Don't do what I did and lose 5 fans because you wanted to sim. Super lame. Anyway, you should be able to take both of these games down on All-Star difficulty. When you've completed the Angels, Redeem your AL West in 6 Turns mission, upgrade your team with the 1k stubs you get for the 70% reward, and continue on to the San Diego Dads. These games will get slightly harder as you have less and fewer fans. The Padres are a bit left-handed batter heavy, so bring along your Chris Sales and Dallas Keuchels to avoid getting ripped up by guys like Eric Thames. The Diamondbacks are the last team you'll face and defeat this turn. If you ran into trouble any time during this turn and can't take down the Diamondbacks on HOF or Legend, no problem. We'll clean up what we have left on the west coast next turn. If you do have a spare fan, you can once again take another territory with it or use it to bolster your next move.


Strongholds Taken: KC, ARL, HOU, COL, SEA, OAK, LAD, LAA, SD, ARI (Ideally)


Turn 6


Recommended Steal: Milwaukee Brewers on All-Star


40-ish Territories / 3 = 13-ish Fans + 3 Stolen = 16-ish Fans on Turn 6.


This is going to be our first cleanup turn of this series. Our goal is to take out the Giants and Cardinals and begin to move everything else up to the Twins home base. I actually ended up losing this steal fans phase, so I wasn't able to quite get to the Twins this turn, but ideally, this is how it's going to go. Re-enforce the closest hex you have to both the Cardinals and Giants. Put about 5 fans, or however many you think you can use to win the strongholds, on each hex and begin making your way to their respective strongholds. Both of these strongholds are heavily fortified. You'll likely need to take these strongholds at HOF or Legend difficulty. Using this method you'll have a few tries to top these teams and have some left over if you're lucky enough to take them down in a few tries. If you didn't take the D-Backs last turn, this is your chance to redeem yourself. Otherwise, put everything else (Six-ish) you have at your original stronghold. And move on up to Minnesota. Beat the Twins on Hall of Fame or Legend and make your way towards the Brewers. Get ready to play a bunch of stronghold games in Turn 7. If you have another method for taking the Cardinals, feel free to use it. I only take the Cards this turn because they're kind of in no-mans land in relation to the rest of the NL Central.


Note: If you followed the note on Turn 2 and went right instead of left, you can save yourself a hex and potentially take the Brewers on Turn 6.


Strongholds Taken: KC, ARL, HOU, COL, SEA, OAK, LAD, LAA, SD, ARI, SFG, STL, MIN.


Turn 7


Recommended Steal: Chicago Cubs on All-Star.


50-ish Territories / 3 = 17-ish Fans + 3 Stolen = 20-ish Fans on Turn 7.


Alright, we're starting to see a snowball form. At this point, we're still playing all of our steal fans phases, but we're beginning to see some diminishing returns. However, we still want to play them because those three strongholds can mean having a few extra chances with a legend game.


With 20 fans this turn, we'll be able to take some really easy strongholds on Rookie and Veteran before we start seeing All-Star and Hall of Fame. The biggest point of annoyance is needing to continue to play these hex games. Luckily most of them will be on Rookie, so they should only take a maximum of 15 minutes. Load up everything you have on the hex you control closest to Milwaukee. Takeover the Brewers, Tigers, Indians, and Pirates. These should be some of the easier games you'll encounter this turn. Once you hit the Reds and White Sox it'll get a bit more difficult just because you'll be running out of steam. Finish up with the Cubs if you can. We're really moving now and we're one or two turns away from having enough reinforcements to be able to begin the guilt-free simulation.




Turn 8


Recommended Steal: NY Mets on All-Star.


70-ish Territories / 3 = 23-ish Fans + 3 Stolen = 26-ish Fans on turn 8.


With 26 fans this turn, we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At this point, I won't blame you if you want to simulate Hex Games. I recommend simulating only those matchups where your opponent only has 1 fan holding a territory. Anything above that and an unlucky streak against a territory with 2+ fans could leave you hurting. Stack up all of your fans at the Reds' old stronghold and make your way down to Florida. This turn we'll be going through the Braves, Rays, Marlins, Nationals, O's, Phillies, and hopefully the Yankees and Mets. If you're reaching the end of this turn and you don't want to touch the Yankees on Legend, go O's>Mets>Phillies. We have plenty of time to dick around, so if you want to just straight up stack territories for the final push, I won't blame you.




Turn 9


Recommended Steal: Boston Red Sox on Literally Anything.


95-ish Territories / 3 = 31 Fans + Whatever = 31+ Fans on Turn 9.


If you've followed this guide and haven't lost too many games, you should be able to finish Conquest Extreme on Turn 9 or Turn 10. Stack up 15+ territories at both the Mets and Yankees strongholds and make two separate pushes towards the Blue Jays and Red Sox strongholds. You should be able to play these games on All-Star and below if you have enough fans stacked up.


Strongholds Taken: All of Em!


Congratulations! You have completed Conquest Extreme! That wasn't so hard, was it? If you're still not done by the time Turn 9 rolls around, you have three more turns to clear up any loose ends. You're free to lose a bunch of games and still remain within the 12 turn limit. Another thing about this mode is that you'll have a bunch of flexibility in how you tackle Conquest. If this route isn't what you did, that's okay! Long as you get from point A to B, that's all that matters.


This guide assumes a minimization of losses but has enough padding at the end so that you can spend an additional few turns without going past the 12-turn limit.

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