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The world of MOBA has landed in the mobile landscape with a clear reference: League of Legends. Our protagonist is stomping and we have much to comment on him. It touches on the nexus, the turrets, the monsters, the heroes and much more in the guide of Mobile Legends.



Although it is a game for iOS and Android, you will also find qualifying leagues, AI modes and other games that allow you to practice for the real challenge against other players. This MOBA 5v5 is quite deep, know it in detail below in the guide of Mobile Legends.


Mobile Legends Guide - Basics


We started the guide of Mobile Legends making it clear that this is a game of 5v5 whose goal is to destroy the enemy base before the rival does the same with ours. To do so we have different heroes that we can unlock as we gain rewards and customizing with emblems and spells.



Going back to the Mobile Legends guide, focus on the equivalent of the LOL Runes. This time we find a less complex set arrangement, with eight to choose from, and that can be improved with the powders that we accumulate when opening rewards coffers.


On the other hand are the spells, stronger according to our level, being skills that will give us clear advantages in combat. To finish personalizing our equipment, in the guide of Mobile Legends we have to review the objects that can be bought automatically during the games depending on each personage, something that should do as the duel advances.


Mobile Legends Guide - How to Make Money


In the upper right corner of the screen you will see that you have a certain number of Battle Points or Gems. We talk about the main currencies of the game, the currency of exchange that gives access to new items and that we will help you get in the guide of Mobile Legends.


To win money in the game, in the Mobile Legends guide we recommend that you complete the daily rewards linked to connect once a day, win the first game and more, you can see what they are in the menu of missions and achievements of the game, where You will also encounter other permanent challenges.


The role of gold is very important in Mobile Legends, because with a lot of gold, we will have an increasingly good items and make it easier for us towin the game. In addition to killing the creeps, we can also get gold from killing enemy heros, and the amount of gold that we get any more. It’s just that we need tobe careful lest we killed. Because if we get killed, we will lose the gold that is not a little.


Finally, in the guide of Mobile Legends it is necessary to mention that the game counts on five types of items: Match Up, Ranked Game, Brawl Mode, PvE and Personalized. As you can see, the game offers many more options than classic combat and centered on raising rank, where the tier from low to high are: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epic, and Legend.



Mobile Legends Guide - The Heroes


For the moment, in the guide to Mobile Legends we can talk about six categories of heroes: Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. Our recommendation is that you specialize in one role and do not change until the next one until your performance is adequate. 


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