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It turns out that Rainbow 6 Siege tips are pretty handy for getting to grips with the game. All of these tips were tested and should work every time. U4gm hope you enjoyed and learned something new.


Non-DLC operators

Ash's breaching rounds can get destroyed by Jager's gadget but not blocked by Mute's jamers.


If you are playing as Montage and want to be invunerable for some time just extend your shield and get in a corner. You can't be killed if you hold your shield at the right angle. But obviously C4 can still kill you when thrown behind you.


When you are controlling a drone, turn away from the enemy when you want to remain unseen. The red lights on your drone are clearly visible, but only while controling it (The red-light rule also applies to cameras).


When Montagne has his shield extended, you are not able to melee kill him from the front.


Mute's jammers can cover up to 2 walls (thanks to his recent buff he can now cower 2 bigger walls aswell) , while Bandit's electrical device can only cover 1 wall.


Thatcher's EMP grenades have a very limited range so know where to throw them.


Sledge's hammer can be used 25 times before breaking.


With Glaz you can shoot through Castle's baricades and the plane windows on "Presidential Plane" but only with your sniper obviously.


Rook's armor plates (you can also pick then up when you are on the opposing team) will give you a higher chance of not dying when beeing shot at but instead going down to be revived. This is especially useful when staying in a room to defend it whith some other people and having a Doc nearby.


Pulse's heart beat sensor doesn't only make noice for you to hear. Enemies and friendlies standing near you can hear the beeping of it and while using it you can be detected by IQ's gadget or get your sensor deatcivated for a short time by Thatcher's EMP grenade.


J?ger's gadget can shoot twice before becoming useless, meaning that you will have to use all of them in order to prevent 1 of Fuze's clutster charges to wipe out a room. Sadly you can't reload the anymore by picking them up and placing them again.


Castle's baricades can be destroyed using melee. Hit the baricade 12 times and you should be good.


When taking down one of Castle's baricades while beeing on his team, he will get one back, so don't worry about that when Castle locked you out. If you blow it up with an impact grenade or destroy it with melee however, he will not get it back.


Only in rare instances should you reinforce between bombs. Create a passageway for your team to use instead.


By puting a deployable shield in a doorway and connecting it to Bandit's device, the enemy will not be able to destroy the device anymore. So if they want to get over it, the shield will inflict damage.


While using Tachanka's turret (you can get on it even when you are attacking) make sure that the wall behing you is propperly secured. You will have to act fast when you hear Thermite's charge going off right behind you.


Ash with her breaching round and Sledge with his hammer are the only ones that can destroy walls and Castle's barricades when Mute's jammer is blocking it.


If you want to be a good sport and give your enemy a second chance you can actually revive them using Doc's stim pistol (or just get some extra points for killing them again)


You can overcharge yourself and teammates with Doc's stim pistol to up to 140 health. This effect wears off after some time.


When downed, you loose Rook's armor if you had it before.


You can kill someone instantly when rappelling through a window. That way you will automaticly melee kill them.


NEVER. NEVER reinforce kids room on house. Turn the room into swiss cheese and stay in the rooms around it looking in, especially on secure area!


And the final tip:


Use the enviroment. Nearly all of the walls can be shot through and destroyed. Use this to your advantage and suprise your enemy when they didn't know you were even there. As a rule of thumb for new players: If the wall looks wooden or made out of cardboard, you can probably shoot through it.

Black Ice

Using around 2-3 shots with Buck's Skeleton Key on a destructable wall should allow you to hop on through it. Sometimes you can also create one with one shot, it depends on the distance.


The further away you are from a wall with Buck, the bigger the hole will be once you are done with it. It might take multiple shots though.


You can actually destroy Frost's traps when they are underneath a cover you are vaulting over. Simply look down and fire from the hip. You will get the hang of it after some time. Watch out if you're playing as a shield however. You won't have enouth time to destroy it in most cases.


Frost's traps can be destroyed with 3 shots out of most rifles and around 4 shots out of most pistols. You can also take it out with one melee hit


The traps can't be destroyed with Twitch's drone. Only with bullets, knife attacks or grenades.

Dust Line

alkyrie's cameras can be easily detected by IQ's electronics detector because she can see the outlines of electronics


Valkyrie's cameras are acceable by the entire team and when used will display a blue circle inside of the glass which can be spotted fairly easily.


Make your best effort to only spot on the Black Eye cameras when absolutely necesarry. Once the enemy noticed that he has been spotted, he will most likely look for a camera which will ultimately lead to your team loosing a valuable camera.


Blackbeard's rifle shield can be destroyed with a few bullets. Put some rounds down range into his shield and it should break after a little while. Also be aware of the fact that he's got 2 shields to help him in combat (which also drasticly slows him down when equipped)


Want to be (kinda) immortal for once? Pick Blackbeard, deploy shield, get to a headglitch behind solid cover, profit. As long as your shield doesn't break you will basicly be untouchable by basicly anything and anybody in the room (exept for C4 and that 1cm of head you are showing over the top of the shield by default)

Skull Rain

Caveira's "Silent Step" actually doesn't make you faster. The only effect it has on you is that also your sprinting is more quiet


The "Lusion" pistol, which Caveira has access to, does incredible amounts of damage at close range and can insta-down people with a headshot at any range (unless they are rappelling which would be an insta-kill). We tried out how much damage exactly can be done in almost knife range and we can say that from a 1-2 meter distance her pistol does around 95 damage to a 1 armor character while shooting him in the foot


When using silent step, Caveria is able to deny Jackal to ping her on her location. Make sure that once you're getting tracked by him, allways activate your Silent Step ability shortly before he's about to ping you again.


Capit?o's crossbow is a perfect tool for area denial. If a defender wants to get in a room but must hop over a shield, you can insta-kill them if they hop over it


Not only are the crossbow's firebolts usefull for stopping defenders to get in a room but smoke can also help a lot. The smoke grenades (and therefore the smoke bolts aswell) are not like in CS:GO where there is just a static cloud of smoke. The design of it is more realistic but the moving parts of it are client-sided which means that you could see an enemy behind a swiftly vanished smoke cloud while he couldn't see you at all. But the main thing is that if you run through the smoke you are visible way before you can even see anything at all. Keep that in mind the next time running through a smoke grenade.

Red Crow

When using Echo's drone you have three charges of your stun ability available. Once you use one, it will slowly load up again. You can only have 3 charges max.


Echo's drone takes a bit to cloak itself after it's been stuck to the roof. Wait until the view of your camera changes and you hear the mechanical noice of it


Echo's drone makes way less noise when moving around compared to the regular drone the defenders have yet it does not make it completely silent.


The drone can also fly about 1 floor high, meaning that if you are on the ground floor you could technically jump to the roof if there are only 2 floors in total.


You don't necesarilly have to use 2 of Hibana's charges to break through a reinforced wall. Just aim a bit further down and crawl through the little space you created


Hibana's gadget can easily destroy a Black Mirror that Mira can place. Even if only one of the charges aimed at the mirror detonates, the whole things will be blown out, creating a two way murder hole.

Velvet Shell

Mira's Black Mirror is best used when placed facing a long corridor or a common entry point for the attackers. Even with it simply being there, some people may try to avoid coming in from that way simply because of any person behind it knowing that they are there.


Place a mirror on a reinforced wall, leave the wall to the right or left of you unreinforced and shoot anybody through the wall while you trace their every move through the safetly of your mirror.


The "Double Mira Strat" is extremely effective when playing on a map with a garage (Chalet, Consulate, Hereford Base or House). Simply place one mirror right next to the other, eject one and you have another safe murder hole for you to use while being able to see the enemy without them seeing you.


Jackal's gadget can see the individual footprints of different operators. For example, Pulse will leave a different footprint behind than Caveira


Jackal can scan one track of footprints multiple times. Should the person you are trying to hunt down still be alive once the time of the scans ran out, scan the trail again to reset the timer. You can only scan the tracks 3 times in total so don't waste them.


The color of the footprints varies between the time of the enemy moving through there. Blue means that the prints are very old, green means they are fairly old, yellow means that they are close and red most of the time means that they are practicly next to them.


Jackal now doesn't have the massive gas canister on his chest anymore. No more clipping errors on the main menu sadly.


Tachanka + Black Mirror = Profit

Blood Orchid

Ying's candela shoots out 6 individual flashbangs meaning if detonated from a wall, it can make all of J?ger's gadget's useless should all of them activate to zap the flashbangs out of the air.


The longer you hold it, the longer the delay will be between releasing the candela and it detonating. Every light you see on it means one extra second. You have 3 lights in total.


Lesion's traps do 10 damage initially when they hit you and drain 7 points of health every few seconds.


You can see Lesion's traps without IQ but of course, they are extremely hard to spot. You're best bet is accidentally running into it with your drone.


It takes about 4-5 seconds to pull one of Lesion's needles out of your leg. Make sure you do it either almost directly after you got hit or kill the guy coming to rush you once he hears that the mine got triggered.

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