Revelation Online Basehunt Is Available Now

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When the guild base at the same time at least 10 members of the Association for daily meeting, you can trigger the "base" activities. Although triggers are mostly random, they can be increased by allowing more members of the guild to go online and / or complete various guild events.


Revelation Online's Basehunt offers players the chance to fight their bosses around their base.


When the base is triggered, the boss will appear on the left side of the guild base. There are a total of four bosses, each time once the previous killed. All the time, your guild chat will receive notice of the event every few minutes, so that members know.

If the sneak dungeon is not enough to meet your wishes, guild members should try Basehunt.



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Guild Activities Will Be Released For Revelation Online

With "hunting" to kick things, this addition can allow members of the Association to face their own base around the other boss. These events may occur at any time when the guild online time is online for more than 10 members of the guild. The more online guild members were, the more likely they were to trigger the event, or the completion of the guild.

Enjoy The Peace Of Ersich Forest In Revelation Online

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Revelation Online Gamer Guilds Are Everywhere In The Game

Generally speaking, when it comes to Revelation Online, a lot of content is set to unveiled. For instance, you will be taken the tops of great mountains, while some will take you to the very bottoms of the oceans of Nuanor themselves. U4GM has released details on a wealth of additional activities coming to Revelation Online, including Base Hunt, Guild Dragon and others, why not to visit official website U4GM?

Revelation Online Early Access Is Now Available

Revelation Online just took a massive step towards full-on release, since they have announced that early access for your game is granted.

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