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Revelation Online just took a massive step towards full-on release, since they have announced that early access for your game is granted. This means that all those who have purchased a founder’s pack may now begin their adventures in Nuanor.

Adding towards the prestige in the event, in case you start the sport now, your character is permanent. This means that if you don't be erased when the action is fully launched. Plus, aanyone who purchased the founder’s pack can get special rewards in the sport. Check out the early access trailer below:

If you’re considering getting into the Early Access yourself, the founder’s packs remain available for purchase accessible in a trio of packs that will match anything you feel choices on Revelation Online. These packs include premium service for the set number of days with regards to the pack you receive. Also, you’ll receive unique titles for the character to show off your status in the overall game, like “Revelation Explorer” or “Revelation Founder.” Plus, you’ll get unique outfits, special scrolls that may help you in battle, or a very special mount or two with regards to the pack.

Much from the content which was experienced in the Closed Beta 2 are usually in the Early Access version, along with the Winter Gifts will in the end be distributed. Add that to a lot more content, and Revelation Online is ready that you experience.

Now, this obviously isn’t the ultimate version with the game, and even more updates and adjustments will probably be made to ensure this can be a quality title. But for people who can’t wait, this can be the perfect time jump to the world of Revelation Online. Be sure to head on the official website for more information, with even compiled a directory of useful links for potential players in the bottoom.

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