Rules Of Survival Guide 12 Things That Professional Gamers Never Do

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With 12 things professional players in Rules of Survival will never do, you will have more experience to avoid making mistakes and perfecting your survival skills with this article.



1. Never fight without full blood


This is one of the common points of all ROS top players. In any case, you should make sure your blood is always as high as possible. You do not know for sure how many people will face the next one, stumbling across a bloody regret.


Besides, loot more can of energy drinks to ensure the fastest and longest. Although not mandatory, this is also a factor to help you survive when the enemy attacked unexpectedly.


2. Never stand still


Although this is more difficult to do for mobile gamers, this is very important in the game - when the enemy is more difficult to hit you especially when looting. Even if heal or drink strength, at least get a corner or shield to make sure, lying down and use only.


Because the game's adjustment mode can be diminished and visible even when you're in the lawn, it's best to keep moving around as you loot.


3. Do not go far, always have a car


Car is a pretty important feature in ROS, which not only allows you to move quickly to the safe area but also do a lot of other things. As you move the distance, you will avoid a lot of attacks - both team and single, most importantly when the enemy uses the Silencer (hard to detect where the bullets come from).


Next, the car also help you escape the fight long, hard to eat and poisoned near to. Except for bicycles / motorbikes, the rest of the vehicles give you more bullet points while on the road - and especially can roll other jogging players.


4. Never give up shotgun


This depends on how you play each other, but professional players often use an automatic rifle (AR) and a shotgun. Depending on the type of shotgun - from the very top to the most painful, once you hit the bullet, the target will almost instantly die.


In addition, one method many people use to strike a surprise is to drive straight to the player on the road or hide outside the house, jumped out of the car and shotgun several shot dead. This is mainly based on two main factors:


Surprise: When other players will usually use the sniper to distance or jog, emptying the car to (if not die for the car) will also be unexpected and difficult to accurately with shotgun at close range. OK.

More damage: Even with AR, shotgun at near range is much more damaging. This lies in the fact that the shotgun can spread to both the arm / leg armor - causing more damage and less aim. AR can shoot fast but will usually focus on the person (not counting jerk cause shortage)


5. Never leave your gun short of bullets


Even if you only shot 4 5 rounds in 30 rounds, you should always keep your ammunition in a firearm for all possible situations. Especially for shotguns and snipers, reloading continuously after firing and hiding will give you more advantages in solo confrontation because you do not know how many people will appear after each attack.


6. Do not wear armor / hat has been broken


Attention to the "blood" of your armor and hat repeatedly:


White - Intact

Yellow - Was attacked, did not know when it was broken

Red - Replace immediately


In addition, 1st level white armor is weaker, but 2nd level armor is still stronger than 3rd level armor, so when looting, you should still pick up new armor to replace your equipment offline (maybe armor level 2 will be listed in white when looting, keep this in mind to find better white armor.


7. Do not leave the bag too full


It is important to control the equipment in the bag. Mostly, you just need to avoid keeping too much of the same equipment in large numbers (eg 300-400 sniper bullets ...). Mainly you should keep the essential equipment as follows:


Blood / energy boost

Shotgun bullet / AR sniper

Silencer head or compensator

Fuel tank (do not leave it)


8. Do not use a sniper rifle until you need it


Although this still depends on how the player plays each other, but for ROS, the AR guns are usually preferred by professional players than sniper guns mainly in damage, ammunition and practical ... in actual combat.


While a sniper can eat a remote network, however (with the exception of the Barrett), there is almost no sniper can hit a target - unless the target does not wear armor or you monitor the headshot. On the other hand, any AR gun with special barrel and target can leech from distance and deal more damage.


As for the number of rounds, ARs usually still have more than one sniper rifle, which increases the number of ammunition, which helps gamers to handle better situations at near and far distances. However, this is still the analysis of the damage alone, sniper still has the advantage of a long range for themselves. In addition, snipers are also often used early in the battle when it is possible to defeat new targets, without armor or armor level 1 is quite easy.


9. Never use full auto mode for guns


This is pretty basic for almost every shooter title. Having full auto for guns (mostly ARs) means you can shoot faster - but it's hard to get hit by highs.


Unless you are new to the game and want to get familiar with the game, never set the auto mode for the gun.


10. Never take a gun while running


It sounds simple, but stressful at times makes the player forget about this factor. During a normal move, you should always take the gun or switch to melee weapons to speed up the run significantly.


Also, you should pick up more plastic chicken to move faster if the loot is (chicken up 5% movement speed but damage is still the same as the other two).


11. Do not wait in the car


Hiding in the green car waiting for someone to pick up the car and jump out to kill people who seem happy and ... hack the brain, but most of the current gamers have learned this trick and no one is foolishly jump to check. Not to mention, everyone will give you the dead bomb in the car always.


12. Silencer or Compensator


This issue is always debated in the Rules of Survival community, but for professional gamers, they always use the Compensator more because they increase accuracy more significantly than the other two types.


However, Silencer is still more suitable in the Top 10-20 end of the game, mainly on the way you play.


Wish the gamers will always be the last survivor of every match of the Rules of Survival in the future with the experience from professional gamers. More Rules of Survival news please keep eyes on U4GM.COM which would devote to offer amounts of cheap ROS Diamonds online.

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