Runescape LGBT Launched Pride Activities

Runescape 2007 Date: Jun/20/17 09:07:43 Views: 2767

LGBT pride by Mod Wolf in the old version of Runescape team QA analyst Mod Wolf on Twitter (old game is saved in 2007 Runescape classic version). This event allows players to collect rain from the game world, put them together to create a rainbow scarf.


Speaking of the motherboard, Jagex's publisher Neil McClarty's acting vice president called Runescape LGBT pride event "a little fun". CEO also said that Jagex is a "very inclusive company, composed of many different countries and sexes, we LGBT people working in the company, we wholeheartedly support them and the wider LGBT community."



Unfortunately, but not completely unexpected, the incident has some rebound. While there are many players who seem to be on the board, some have accused the company of being "politicized" on this issue. These players seem to disregard other events in the game, such as the Jagex and WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) partnership, which allow WWF protectors to talk about the struggle of big cats before helping to rebuild their habitat.


Some LGBTQ players also asked if this meant that Jagex would remove the word "homosexuality" from the Runescape chat filter. Jagex may be inclusive, but Mod Wolf points out that "many people still use it as a derogatory term", so now it will stay on the prohibited vocabulary. Quality assurance analysts asked: "Maybe they have something to learn from the incident."

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