Shadowverse: A Hearthstone-Like Where Evolution Is The Key To Victory

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In just a few years, card games have taken the video game by storm to make a morsel of it. Hearthstone, Gwent and The Elder Scrolls Legends, to name but a few, have made a name for themselves among the CCG or Collectible Card Game. Among them hides Shadowverse, a Japanese GCC with sublime drawings in an anime style and where the notion of evolution is present.





Some repeat, if Hearthstone had been made by a Japanese studio, Shadowverse would have looked like. And for cause, the observation is formal, the aesthetics of CCG Cygames propels us in an anime style that suits him well. All cards will not be foreign to players and some may even find some well-known characters like Snow White or Joan of Arc.


To play, players have decks of 40 cards, 20 life and start the game with 3 cards, following a Mulligan (the moment you decide to keep this or that card). Each card has a cost in PP (Play Points), written in the green bubble at the top left of the card. Fighters have attack points (blue) and defenses (red). If the card's defense points drop to 0, it is destroyed and goes to the graveyard.


Players earn 1 PP per turn and can get some of their cards, via Fanfare (ability that triggers when the card is placed) and Last Will (which triggers when it is destroyed). Special feature of Shadowverse, its evolution system. The player who has the hand starts with two points of evolution and can begin to evolve his fighters in the 5th round. The player who plays second has three and can start the evolution in the fourth round.


Only one evolution is possible per turn. It grants several advantages to the cards. At first, the no effect cards get a bonus of +2 in attack and +2 in defense. Those that can activate an effect only get + 1 / + 1. Particularity of the evolution, it removes the penalty related to the invocation of a Combatant, preventing you from attacking in the same turn as his invocation.


A relatively powerful feature, which makes the fourth round one of the turning points of the game. Besides that, Shadowverse is played like a classic GCC. You have Fighters, Spells, and Amulets (Terrain Effects) and must drop your opponent's health to 0. The title has a Solo mode, relatively generous in terms of rewards in-game, allowing you to get your hands on the AI before you attack real humans.


After a while, you can tackle the ladder and register as an exceptional player. Especially since the extensions are numerous, bringing both new cards and new game mechanics. But until then, you can always try Shadowverse, available for free on iOS, Android and Steam. Do you want to get a Shadowverse Reroll Account? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

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